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Sunday, November 4, 2007

MAYOR MOYER AT CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE IN SEATTLE or Do Rising Temperatures Mean a Rise in Murders?

CP commends Mayor Moyer for being visionary enough to understand the dire consequences of global warming for our city and the rest of the planet. I commend her for spurring discussion and for planting trees, but I am at a loss as to why she has to keep going to conferences. She was in Seattle when the eighth homicide of the year occurred in Annapolis. This is of course after her prolonged trip to Europe this summer on The Queen Mary.
Mayor Moyer--please focus on climate change in Annapolis and sop going to conferences. While we are undertaking a major rebuilding of City Dock, what will we be doing there to prepare for sea level rise? Will we again return City Dock to its silly parking lot status, thus encouraging more cares to drive downtown or will we turn the area into something useful and appropriate for the best waterfront real estate in Maryland? Will you dismiss the Transportation Director and take steps to reinvigorate and uplift our failing bus system? Will you meet with The County Executive to plan for regional transportation? Will you do a transportation survey of our own 600+ city employees and take steps to reduce their transportation induced carbon footprint? Will you work toward converting all of our diesel-powered city fleet to biodiesel? Will you take a strong stand to discourage our rampant automobile use and encourage walking, bicycling and public transit? I am talking about real encouragement and building real opportunities, not assembling some used bikes downtown. Will you create a city position to develop and coordinate bicycling and walking options? Will you put on a major, citywide conference here in Annapolis to help us all understand what we are facing? Or will you go to more conferences?


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