Sunday, November 4, 2007


It's outside of Annapolis and outside of our price range…CP received the following email invitation and provides it here as a public service in support of Friends of Ellen Moyer (yeah sure…):
“Dear Friends,
On behalf of Mayor Ellen Moyer and her Special Guests, I'd like to invite you to our Annual Holiday Gala in the seasonal splendor of Homestead Gardens on Friday, December 14, 2007 at 8:30 PM. This festive event will feature live music and dancing, along with gourmet hors d'oeurves and desserts by Ken Upton of Ken's Creative Kitchen. Please take a moment connect to for this special invitation, along with all event details.
Our special guests for the evening include Senator Ben Cardin, Congressman John Sarbanes and Mrs. Dina Sarbanes, Comptroller Peter Franchot, Attorney General Doug Gansler, Speaker Mike Busch and many other dignitaries.
General Tickets are only $60 per person. Event Sponsors are $1000 and Event Patrons are $500. Checks are payable to "Friends of Ellen Moyer" and mailed to: Friends of Ellen Moyer, Attn: Kathleen Nieberding, PO Box 3527, Annapolis, MD 21403
Formal invitations will be mailed out next week. Please, if you haven't already, send me a quick email with your mailing address so I may add you to my database. And if you would be so kind, please RSVP for the event by December 7th to
Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you soon!
Kathy Nieberding
Gala Chair, Friends of Ellen Moyer Committee
Kathleen M. Nieberding
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
By auth: Friends of Ellen Moyer, Clarence Goldberg, Treasurer

CP has replied with the following to Ms. Nieberding:

I was quite surprised to receive an invitation for the mayor's Annual Holiday Gala, which interestingly, is held outside of Annapolis. My many blog readers and I would like to know the purpose of this event. While of course it is for fundraising, why does a second-term mayor feel she needs to raise political and financial capital? If she/her campaign gather thousands or tens of thousands of dollars from this event, is she planning to use it to run a campaign for office? If so, which office? Surely, she has many other options, many of which could actually include "average folks" if her goal is to simply hold a holiday party.
Thank you.
Paul Foer

I like the part in the email that says, “general tickets are only $60 per person.“ For that, can’t they at least spell hors d’oeuvres correctly? Perhaps that is cheap for politcs these days. As if CP would spend $120 so he and his lovely wife can don formal attire and rub elbows with a bunch of Democrats at a garden center! It’s certainly more fun than doing so with Republicans in a waterfront mansion, but what’s this all about? Not only is it outside of Annapolis, but it’s outside of the price range of a huge chunk of Annapolitans, CP included.

Please send donations to this blog NOW or I will ne be able to attend this party (actually I have already been been invited to Tehran to debate with President Ahmad whatever his jihad name is, but I'll take donations anyhow).

Just one question please. Why is Ellen Moyer raising money? Why is Ellen Moyer raising money? Why is Ellen Moyer raising money? Why is Ellen Moyer raising money? Why is Ellen Moyer raising money? Why is Ellen Moyer raising money? Why would we want to support this failed administration and give our Mayor more of our money? And finally, how did CP ever get on a Friend of Ellen Moyer mailing list? That really upsets me. I gotta call my therapist…
Wait, I have an idea, let’s hold our own Peoples Holiday Party that same night. It will be a real event to celebrate community and it will be free!!! We don’t need a bunch of politicians to have their own elite shindig.


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