Otra Vez....once again...Without license... Sin permiso!!! ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Otra Vez....once again...Without license... Sin permiso!!!

Here is a good one from today's Annapolis Police Report:

UNLICENSED DRIVER: 2/27 4:19 AM Church Cir. near College Ave. - a
2005 red Toyota van was seen traveling in the wrong direction around
Church Circle. A traffic stop was made and the driver was identified as
Bayron Radolfo Enriquez - Castello, of Laurel. A check revealed that he
did not have a license. He was arrested and charged with Driving Without
a License. (08-001154)

The wrong direction at 4 in the morning!!!!! One does not even need to speak or read English to know this is the wrong direction. Otra vez, el hombre tiene un apellido Hispano!!!

CP brings public attention to these increasingly frequent notices of motor vehicle violations and driving without licenses from people with Hispanic surnames. I also amplify reports of people of different backgrounds who are egregiously violating our motor vehicle laws and our safety--especially the privileged Bay Ridge resident in the Porsche. But I am increasingly aware of the preponderance of Hispanics caught for driving without licenses. I think it is symptomatic of something bigger. I hope however, that we don't start hearing of something called DWH, or Driving While Hispanic, but I do wonder why those caught without licenses don't get a license. Or am I asking a rhetorical question?


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