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Monday, April 7, 2008

Newton's Riddle: Creationist/Fundamentalist "Science" Teacher at Annapolis High School--Part Two

On March 17, CP brought to your attention the activities of a messianic, fundamentalist, Bible-thumping teacher of astronomy and earth science at Annapolis HS named Neill Russell who just published a Bible/political/religious thriller called "Newton's Riddle" in this post:

"Are We Teaching and SELLING Creationism/Intelligent Design at Annapolis High School...and other schools?

This book supposedly foretells the future and warns the American government not to force Israel to return any of the covenanted Biblical lands. Death and destruction will be visited upon America unless America takes a certain political path. This teacher is on a crusade to save the world. He believes that he, like the protagonist in the book, is a scientist and a Christian, er a Jew for Jesus, I mean to say, who has uncovered ancient secrets and must inform the president of the US to act accordingly...or else!

It's odd how a man who was raised a Jew, becomes a messianic Christian, which he believes is the true faith and that Jesus or Yeshua really is the messiah, can become so concerned about the fate and survival of the Jewish people and Israel. I wonder if it's guilt? In his book, Israel is miraculously saved and all Jews accept Christ as their saviour! Hooray. Feel better now Neill Russell? You can have your communion wafer and bagel--and eat them too! You can assuage your guilt for forsaking your people and then justify it by saying you are really doing it to save them! What delusion.

Hey-read his book if you want to know how deluded he is. It gets weirder.

Thirty-year veteran teacher Neill Russell should have known better than to use public school students in a public school setting to appear in a video touting his book at, but perhaps God, or maybe an angel told him to do it. Maybe it was a demon. After all, Russell believes that demons and angels are real and are present, influencing our lives and world events.

I know. I read his book. It was painful, but in fairness to him and to standards of journalism, I had to do it. In his book, he pretty much attacks or pities anyone who is not a Bible-believing Christian. And he reserves special disdain for liberals, atheists and Muslims (well so do I, but hey, not because they are Muslims but because they are like Christians in that they believe they have the truth and the one true faith--with apocalyptic visions to boot).

Based on CP's protestations, school officials investigated Russell and activities associated with his book. So far, at least he has removed the portions of the video that show students and staff members at AHS holding and promoting his book (or should I say "hawking" or "shilling"?).

The one thing I just really cannot understand is this business of prophecy. If there is prophecy and all history has been laid out, and as Russell believes, it can be unlocked through scripture, then there is fate and there is no free will. Yes? No? It is and it will be. Whatever God and the Bible says is going to happen-will happen! If only Satan knew this, he'd quit trying to fight God. I mean if God said it and the Bible recorded it, then it will be-yes? So then, whatever we do, it is written, decreed, and it is fate. How do we escape fate? We can't. So, what does it matter??????

That lets me off the hook. Russell may have had to write his book and I had to write this critique. Or did I? Maybe the devil made me do it????


Patrick said...

Why put science in inverted commas ? Is it because Neill Russell believes in creation ? I too believe in creation. Personally I would I would use the inverted commas if the so-called teacher believed in evolution.

Paul Foer said...

You would? You would?

Anonymous said...

Paul We wil be in prayer for you. You sound like a living reference for the Scripture, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick". You sound like an angry man. Blessings to you. Jesus does love you! He also loves Neil Russell. The devil does not. Cindy

Paul Foer said...

Cindy: Blessings to you too. Thanks for the prayers on my behalf. Must be why my plane landed safely they say, "on a wing and a prayer." In your world view, every persona dn ervy living thing is a living reference for the Scripture. Why should I be any different. I am glad to hear that Jesus loves Neill Russell and the devil does not.

Kreistle said...

Paul, this book was a most painful read. Your remarks regarding Newton's Riddle describe the suffering that I too felt as I went page to page, wondering if the propaganda was ever going to end. What an awful waste of paper to print such rubbish. Had this book in my hands not been borrowed it would have made an excellent fireplace fuel.

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