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Monday, April 7, 2008

Here's a Great Opportunity For A Risktaking Investor!

Every once in a while, CP's spam filter lets an unwanted solicitation pass through. This one was just so good, I had to share it with readers:

From; Mrs, Alice Aziz Gumel.
Lot 32 Iit 32 Rue De La Paix Marcory,
Abidjan Cote d'ivore
My Dear,
It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I and my son intend to establish in your country.Though I have not met with you before but I believe one has to risk confiding in succeed sometimes in life. I am Mrs, Alice Aziz Gumel, from ivory coast. wife of Dr,Aziz Gumel the director of a gold and diamond company in ivory coast. I have $12.mUSD which was made by my husband before she was assasinated by unknown persons in oct 2006. My husband left this money in a suspence account in a bank here in my country. I seek your permision to remmit this amount into your account so that i could come to your country for investment and to further my son studies. I want you to help me retrieve these fund from the bank and transfer it into your personal account in your country for investment purposes on these areas:
1). Telecommunication
2). the transport industry
3). Five star hotel
4). Real Estate
If you can be of an assistance to me i will be pleased to offer to you 10% Of the total fund.
I await your soonest response.
Respectfully yours,
Mrs, Alice Aziz Gumel.

Here is my response to Ms. Gumel:
Dear Mrs. Alice Aziz Gumel:

I am so sorry of hear of the assassination of your husband. She must have been wonderful hooman being. I hope the police find these unknown persons and make them known. Maybe they'll be Republicans!

I will be pleased to help you with this money in your suspence account, which I should say, the suspence is killing me! (Ha that's a joke, nothing personal-I'm not speaking of your 'dreadful murder of course)

Okay, so when do I get my ten percent?


Mr. Paul Foer
Capital Receivers for Annapolis Punishment (CRAP)

stay tuned.......

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...


I am very disappointed in your response, while intended to be humerous, I take exception to your comment that "Maybe they'll be Republicans"

As a self proclaimed professional journalist, I would expect more of you than to make such broad and sweeping statements of hatred and bitterness toward a group of people who happen to share a different political opinion than yours.

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