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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Poison Pen of a "Dirty Tricks Boy"

Alderman Dave Cordle, a chief investigator with the States Attorney for AA County and reserve Army officer, as well as a putative candidate for mayor, is a voice for public safety in Annapolis. He is also a voice for strongly criticizing political opponents, which of course is no big deal, except when it turns vicious and mean spirited. CP previously reported on how Cordle attacked local Democratic activist Chuck Weikel for his efforts to help immigrants gain citizenship and register to vote, saying he was helping illegal aliens to vote and "alter our way of life." Cordle stood behind his words and although he offered no proof of such activity, insisted it was a fact. One would suppose that perhaps somewhere, illegal aliens may be voting, but that charge seemed out of line, especially coming from an elected official and law enforcement officer.

Now comes the latest salvo in which Cordle writes a "Dear Chuckie" letter to Weikel. Read the barrage below, beginning with an email from Weikel to Alderman Sam Shropshire:

-------------- Original message ----------------------

From: Chuck Weikel <>

I just wanted to let you know, as a Navy veteran and USNA grad, I was
very pleased that you represented the City at the wounded warrior
event this past weekend. I know all of us who have served,
especially those of us who were in war torn theaters such as Iraq and
Lebanon, appreciated your comments and concern.



Charles (Chuck) Weikel
410-670-8066 (o)
410-919-8147 (c)

Cordle then writes to Weikel:

On May 1, 2008, at 6:32 PM, wrote:

Well Chuckie,

The Democrats "Dirty Tricks Boy" finally came out of his hole and put his name to his antics- strange for you. You're laughable as well as irrevelent. If you were up to speed on world events, you'd know that Bosnia was a "war torn" theater, though we were there to keep the peace.

You've proven peoples claims who have gotten to know you more than I are very true; it ain't the golden touch.

And Weikel replies:

From: Chuck Weikel <>
Date: May 2, 2008 10:06:06 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Thanks Sam

Alderman Cordle:

I'm surprised by the tone of your email.

Personal comments oriented toward me and others are an affront to veterans. I hope you did not make such comments while of clear mind or emotion and will give you the benefit of the doubt.

I did not serve in Bosnia, although many friends did. I don't understand this comment.


I would not have paid this any attention were it not for the fact that Cordle has been down this route before. This acrimony should not be tolerated. We already are paying the price for having a thin-skinned mayor who cannot accept any questioning of her own judgment yet attacks others on an almost daily basis. Cordle's attacks make Mayor Moyer look like a Dale Carnegie graduate. I don't suggest that Mr. Weikel or anyone in the political arena is free of blemish, but we must not poison the well of public discourse.


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