Bike to Work Day May 16 ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike to Work Day May 16

CP will be joining dozens of other bike riders at the annual Bike to Work Day. I've enjoyed this event for just about every one of the last ten years or so, except last year when I was stuck on a boat with engine problems. I guess I should have pedaled it to shore? Come to City Dock that morning. Click here for details and be sure to register to win prizes:

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ellis said...

I live about a thousand FEET from my work. It's nice to not drive anymore. Looks like I'll be saving a gazillion on gas too. Every once in awhile I have to drive, in the event I gotta do errands afterwards.

heheh... it's like I have 2 choices... either drive unnecessarily to work and pay for extremely high gas prices... or... walk and be botherd by the occassional crackhead and/or drug dealer on West Washington that the police department blatantly ignore everyday. =) LOL! Pick your poison, I suppose.

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