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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Golf Course? Off Course?

This week's poll asks whether you think our city should buy the golf course at Annapolis Roads, ostensibly to preserve Open Space. It's in the county whose gov't says it is already preserved. You may of course send comments directly to CP.

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ellis said...

Moyer has made it her mission to anex all the land surrounding annapolis in an equally distant circle from the center of town. My mother lives in the neighborhood the Golf Course is next to. They were annexed and the homeowners of the neighborhood have been fighting the annexation ever since. I'm not sure where their progress is at the moment. This is the same neighborhood as public servants Janet Owens and Joe Alton Jr (former senator, sheriff, county exec, among many other titles).

It is of my OPINION, that the purchase of the Golf Course is kind of a backdoor way of annexing the neighborhood that stands between the city of Annapolis and the Golf Course. Again... that's my "opinion".

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