Bush and Major General: Sorry for Shooting A Copy of The Koran....Not so sorry for shooting your country up... ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bush and Major General: Sorry for Shooting A Copy of The Koran....Not so sorry for shooting your country up...


Am I the only one who thinks this apology for a soldier shooting up the Koran is just weird, silly and...uh...I guess words fail me. We've got this insane war going on that is based on lies and deceit,imperial ambitions and an insatiable hunger for oil to fuel our insanely wasteful lifestyle. We go and shoot up an entire country and then President Bush and a top general publicly apologizes for a soldier shooting a Koran? Now, lest the hyperconservatives out there think CP is some kind of weeny, liberal, terrorist-loving, do-gooder (which if they ever read CP would know with certainty it aint so..) let me say that what we really need are some Arab leaders to come forward and apologize for the Koranic-based acts of violence and terror of their co-religionists. When will we see that?

Instead, we get powerful religious leaders and clerics throughout the Muslim world who routinely condemn, verbally abuse, spew hatred and then encourage and aid those who kill innocent people around the world--USING THE KORAN AS THEIR JUSTIFICATION!!! And now our political and military leaders apologize? (Well, of course we understand why it's politically and maybe militarily necessary to do so--don't we?? wink, wink...) Everyone is so darn worried about saying anything that might possibly offend Muslims, yet as constituted today, their religion so often foments violence, hatred, terror and intolerance. When will a Muslim leader step forward and condemn the daily vitriol in Arab newspapers that vehemently attacks the entire Jewish people? (Let's not forget that Arab countries attacked Israel on Yom Kippur--the holiest day in Judaism) They attack Christians and other non-Muslims and as if the Taliban were not bad enough to their own in Afghanistan, they wrecked Buddhist Temples. We are constantly treated to photos of huge crowds of Muslims burning American flags, Iraeli flags and effigies of US political leaders, yet do any Muslim leaders condemn these acts?

(While I am on this roll, let's not forget how Islam spread...it was at the tip of a sword...convert or die! Christianity has its share of a similar past as well...)

It was silly of a soldier to shoot at a Koran and I can understand why that offends Muslims, but why is it acceptable for our leaders to shoot up an entire country for five years based on false pretenses and accomplish nothing positive but those same leaders will go overboard to apologize for the action of one soldier? We have so often see how one religion fights another and they each say God is on their side and God makes them right. Oh yeah? As if they could know and as if God would want it? Lest Muslims think I am being offensive to their faith, they should understand that I disdain all religious and faith-based actions. What I'd really like to see is an end to all faith-based religions, ALL OF THEM, as the next step in human evolution, but I have no interest in shooting up or burning secular or religious books of any sort, but that's another story.


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