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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Local Costs of the War in Iraq--Town Hall Meeting

You're invited to an Annapolis Town Hall Meeting!

Subject: The cost of the War in Iraq and its effects on our local economy and community

Thursday, May 29, 2008, at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers / City Hall
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis , Maryland 21401

The City of Annapolis is projected to spend over $104 million on the Iraq War and military expenses through FY 2009. (CP NOTE--I have no idea what this figure means or how anyone came up with this....can someone please explain?) This is significantly reducing federal funding for essential programs in our community.

(CP NOTE: Beyond budgets--what about all the horrendous long term effects on out national economy, medical and health care, oil prices...and by the way, military expenditures--how have they risen in comparison to our local budget's increase???)

Annapolis Alderman Sam Shropshire is calling for a “town hall” meeting in City Council Chambers to discuss the War in Iraq and its effects on our local economy. This meeting will be held Thursday, May 29, at 7:00 pm at City Hall.

“During the past several years I’ve personally witnessed dwindling federal support for many of our city projects.” Shropshire says he’s not alone in expressing concern. “Municipal leaders across the nation are alarmed about the economy and how this unpopular war is posing financial problems for their cities,” he says.

(CP NOTE: Sam--Annapolis taxpayers are concerned about our own budget--the one you just voted to rush through--see below post. Is this going to dry up support for your other "local" pet project--that of building a third Bay Bridge?)

A complete breakdown on the costs of the war will be examined at the meeting—including a detailed cost for Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and citizen. Greg Speeter, president of the National Priorities Project (NPP), will lead the discussion. The National Priorities Project is an educational foundation that exists to assist community groups and the public in understanding and participating in critical federal budget decisions.


* Determine the financial impact on local taxpayers;
* Determine which local government agencies and social organizations are impacted, how they are impacted, and what that means to the tax payer;
* Determine the ramifications of cost cuts in education, public safety, housing, transportation, health care and other areas;
* Provide information and a call to action to our elected officials as to the importance of many programs and services that have cuts in federal funding
* Serve to assist our elected officials in better understanding our local economy and “how it is affected by national decision making.”

According to Shropshire, there will be no judgment passed on the rights or wrongs of the War in Iraq. “This will solely be a discussion of the financial impact of cost cutting in various programs and services.


Greg Speeter founded the National Priorities Project in 1982 as a way for community groups and the public to understand and participate in critical federal budget decisions. He has been a featured speaker at both policy conferences and training sessions for community organizers, has held a number of budget briefings on Capitol Hill, and is frequently sought out by the media for analysis of budget policies.


Alderman Sam Shropshire, National Priorities Project, Anne Arundel Peace Action


Sam Shropshire, Alderman Ward 7, Annapolis City Council 410-570-7053
Jan Chapman, Coordinator of Anne Arundel Peace Action 443-994-8150.

PLEASE ATTEND. A packed room will show the Mayor and City Council how concerned we, as citizens, are about the costs of the Iraq War.

(CP NOTE: Puhleeze--we cannot even get packed rooms for serious local issues. Not only that, but what can The Mayor or City Council do? That's not the point. We're concerned about our local budget too--don't forget that Sam, Sheila, Ellen and Classie))

Support Peace
Anne Arundel Peace Action is a grass roots organization and solely depends upon the donations of our members. Your contribution to help keep peace alive is needed and very much appreciated.Please send your donations to:

Anne Arundel Peace Action, 310 Riverview Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403.
In peace,
Jan Chapman
Coordinator, Anne Arundel Peace Action


Unknown said...

It sure would have been nice to have a town hall meeting to discuss why our city wants to waste taxpayer money on a golf course. Is this a complaint about the war or our local government crying about losing a handout from big brother?

Paul Foer said...

Maybe it is all of those, or maybe it is Alderman Shropshire pretending he has a much larger constituency than he actually represents. Thanks....

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