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Friday, May 16, 2008

Hummin' Along.....Quote of the Week

In a may 13 article about growth in public transit ridership, I found the followinf tidbit, which I just had to amplify here for your reading pleasure:

Eastern Shore resident Lori Hinton says she would love to ride transit, but the commuter bus she could catch on Kent Island would drop her too far from her workplace in Capitol Heights outside Washington.

She is desperately looking for an alternative to driving her H3 Hummer every day, which she said uses $600 a month in fuel. "Driving a Hummer, it takes about $78 to fill up one time," she said. "And I fill up 2 1/2 times a week."

Well-duh lady! Let's see, $600 a month in dollars flowing to foreign suppliers, means $7200 per year for your gas bill alone. That's more than most people on this planet earn in a year! Can you imagine the public transit system that could be provided for her and millions of others at less than $200 per month in fares? The article goes on to state that she is trying to sell her behemoth guzzler on E-bay. Good luck. I guess she and millions of others who bought gas guzzlers and then decided to commute hundreds of miles or more per week were just exercising your free will as Americans--your free will to own what you want, waste what you want, pollute what you want, build any size house you want where you want all because of your belief in the righteousness of a "free market". Now, you will see the downside of that "free market" that created this wasteful and sprawling world of destruction. What? They nationalized their oil company? Send in the Marines!

...if only we had enacted a carbon tax...oh, but that would have been bad for business!!!


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