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Thursday, May 15, 2008

City Council Update from Alderman Arnett

(Note--see below from Alderman Arnett about his position on budget issues. I think Ross is doing the right thing by not rushing all this through, which appears to be what Mayor Moyer is trying to do. Why don't you get in touch with Ross and let him know what you think?

Ward 8 Residents

The regular Public Hearing of the Annapolis City Council will be held on May 19, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Below is the agenda for the meeting with the sponsor and brief description. All Council meetings are broadcast on Comcast channel 99 Verizon channel 34.

Note that, in addition to the public hearing, a legislative session has been added to the agenda. As is evident, a major focus of the legislative portion of the hearing is on the Fiscal 2009 Budget. I have added comments in italics and underline after some of the legislation.

I indicate my likely vote with my comments, and send out these email blast to give you a chance to let me know if you think I’m headed in the correct direction. It is my practice to comment only on legislation that has had a public hearing and has gone through the Council Committee process.


O-59-07 Port Annapolis Harbor Lines [Shropshire] – For the purpose of amending the configuration of the Annapolis harbor line outboard of Port Annapolis Marina, 7074 Bembe Beach Road on Back Creek.

O-10-08 Establishing Regulations for Sale and Application of Lawn Fertilizer [Stankivic, Moyer, Shropshire, Arnett] – For the purpose of prohibiting the application and sale of lawn fertilizer containing phosphorous except in certain instances; adopting appropriate definitions; specifying that the violation of these provisions is subject to fines established by the City Council.

R-20-08 Fines Schedule Updated for Lawn Fertilizer Violations [Stankivic, Moyer, Shropshire, Arnett] – For the purpose of establishing fines for the improper application of or display for sale of lawn fertilizer.

O-12-08 Requiring Fiscal Impact Notes for All Legislation [Stankivic] – For the purpose of requiring that no charter amendment, ordinance, or resolution may be introduced on first reader unless accompanied by a fiscal impact note prepared by the Finance Director.


O-09-08 2nd R. Annual Operating Budget: FY 2009 [Moyer] - For the purpose of adopting an operating budget for the City of Annapolis for the Fiscal Year 2009; appropriating funds for expenditures for the Fiscal Year 2009; defraying all expenses and liabilities of the City of Annapolis and levying same for the purposes specified; specifying certain duties of the Director of Finance; specifying a rate of interest to be charged upon overdue property taxes. I believe that the Council is moving too fast on this budget and I still have several unanswered questions and concerns. It is always nice to get the budget approved and out of the way, but we have until 30 June to enact it and many of us need more time.

R-13-08 2nd R. Capital Improvement Budget and Program: FY 2009 to FY 2014 [Moyer] – For the purpose of adopting a capital improvement budget for the Fiscal Year 2009, and a capital improvement program for the six-year period from July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2014. In addition to my needing more time, I know that the Finance Committee has held no official and open discussions on the CIP. Also, by law, the Planning Commission must review the CIP before it can be approved. The Commission hearing is to take place this Friday evening, May 16, 2008. This leaves very little time for deliberation on their findings by the Council.

R-16-08 2nd R. FY 2009 Fees Schedule Effective July 1, 2008 [Moyer] – For the purpose of affirming without change other fees that will be charged for the use of City services for FY 2009. Neither the Finance Committee nor the Council has had any official and open discussion of the new fee schedule and there are a lot of issues to be debated on fees. A large number of the fees have not been changed in years, sometimes even decades. It is likely that the City is not covering its costs and is losing appropriate revenue. Some fees may appropriately be increased by tenfold, but should we do that all at once or on some annual schedule?

One fee that for private moorings, has been at $500 for many, many years. The cost to service those moorings is between $2500 and $3000 and some have suggested raising the fee to that level. However, that is a steep increase and is higher than the rate for some slips. It also seems to fly in the face of what Annapolis is all about – a maritime village. This is but one example of the sort of discussion the Council still needs to engage in before passing the budget package. Unless there is a dramatic change between now and Monday evening, I will join others on the Council to delay a vote on the budget three resolutions – we still have time to do this properly.


Approval of union agreement: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Local 3406 (Trades, Maintenance and Labor)

Next City Council meetings:

Monday, June 9, 2008, City Council Chamber - 7:30 p.m.

Monday, June 16, 2008, City Council Chamber - 7:00 p.m.

As always, you can call me [410 295-9743] or send an email [] if you have questions or concerns.

Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8


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