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Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Viewpoint About The Market House

Justa Ordinary Schmoe has left a new comment on your post "New Poll: The Market House.....oy vey!":

you ideas are all well and good, but my primary objection to the dying ( dead) Market House is that it has no soul. The Malling of the Market House brings destroys any sense of community the old funkier Market House had, and unlike school uniforms (for which I have no objection) The lack of distinction this Market House now has is just plain ordinary and dull.

Maybe the mayor wants a 7-11 and a McD's in there.

At least we still have "Chick 'n Ruth's "

Maybe I am stuck in the past..but I miss my chicken wedges and speaking with the flippant Bobby Jerrel ( sp?)

Dear Ordinary Schmoe:

You can still find Bobby around town, making the best fried chicken as always! Yes the Market House has no soul these days. How shall we inject some "soul"? CP


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