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Friday, May 16, 2008

A Reader's View About The Market House

Loyal CP reader Faith Goldstein sent us the following. Thanks to Faith for writing:

I said in my comments that I thought that the Market House should be a real market place similar to the Farmer's Market in downtown Bethesda.

Two days a week , like in Bethesda, there should be an active market with fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, crafts etc. It is a very vibrant place and smaller than the space here. Bethesda Farmer's Market is only open two days a week. Annapolis has the best of both worlds….permanent businesses with the possibility of the Market Event twice a week as well as an active art and artisan community who might love the opportunity to display their work.

I would love to see our Market open air most of the year with possibly movable walls or sliding doors for the coldest months. It doesn't have to feel so sterile. The food vendors could be in the more closed in part, but the end could be left open… much more inviting than a long cold hall.

Many European cities have market day twice a week and when we travel we often choose a venue according to this schedule. Maybe our Mayor or Council could check these out.

On Downtown Market days the street could be closed off to cars and if there are enough vendors. it could grow into the street between the Market and the Hard Bean Etc.

This is a great potential pedestrian area and it would be good for the businesses there who are parking dependent much of the time. The trolley could have increased trips from the stadium on these days.

The idea of community character is a strong planning value in the coming ten year plan, as is a strong economy . The market would provide more opportunities for walking and less driving. Annapolis was a port and a market and it would make sense to return to the past in this situation.

Possibly you could add this alternative to you list of choices. A grocery store is not broad enough.

Faith Goldstein


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