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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Picturesque Brick Streets.....and....Entrenched Mistrust: Sound Familiar???

There's a big walk going on throughout the city today as a show of concern about crime and violence among local youth. You won't get the full story from any media account, including this one, but a piece in today's Sun will help explain the efforts of an Annapolis High School based group called FUNK. And since CP will never give up pounding home the notion that the egregious and shameful disparity between the have-too-muches and the have-not-enoughs remains the number one social issue confronting our community and culture and should be everybody's concern, I have excerpted the below quote:

"Meanwhile, FUNK's members, some of whom live in the public housing being condemned as dens of crime, say they see a city struggling to reconcile two worlds. One has million-dollar waterfront homes and swanky boutiques and restaurants on picturesque brick streets; the other has dilapidated low-income communities suffering from years of splintered public safety efforts and an entrenched mistrust among residents, the police and security."

See the Sun's article at,0,4438324.story


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