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Thursday, May 15, 2008

What The Folks in Annapolis Roads Say About The Golf Course

(The below letter was sent by Anastasia Hopkinson. President, Annapolis Roads Property Owners Association to the mayor and city council of Annapolis as well as to County Councilman Josh Cohen and County Executive Leopold and key staffers. Why does none of this surprise me? Perhaps the mayor will see fit to respond and CP will be pleased to publish her reply.)

Dear Mayor Moyer and Aldermen;

On May 13, County Councilman Joshua Cohen forwarded an email to Mayor
Moyer and the City Council stating that his decision whether to support
or oppose the proposed purchase of the privately owned Annapolis Roads
[AR] Golf Course and the adjacent 6+ acre supporting "Club House" parcel
located in the center of our community would be based on the decision of
his constituents in the Annapolis Roads Community.

Hence, the Board of Directors of the Annapolis Roads Property Owners
Association [ARPOA] finds it important to state publicly its position on
this proposal by the City of Annapolis.

Diligent efforts have been made by several residents of Annapolis Roads
to obtain factual information, including documentation of the
representations by the City Administration that it had executed a
contract to purchase the Annapolis Roads Golf Course. Unfortunately, the
information provided was unsubstantiated, conflicting, confusing, and
incomplete. A detailed chronology of the efforts to obtain accurate
information is provided below, "Chronology of Information Provided".

Therefore, it is not possible for the ARPOA Board to make an informed
decision. The Board has no alternative other than to object to this
"alleged" purchase since the City Administration has

[a] failed to comply with the required POS procedures resulting in
revocation of that source of funding by the County;

[b] failed to fully inform the City Council,

[c] failed to provide any supporting documentation, including the
alleged signed Contract of Sale and Exhibits, Appraisals, Operational
Analysis, Balance Sheets, and the Application to the Board of Public
Works, and

[d] failed to reveal the full funding source in the City Budget for this

Further, I feel it important that you hear directly from me that I have
NOT organized a Committee or authorized any individuals to work with the
City Administration on this proposal. I reiterate that is not possible
to commit to such an effort without being provided sufficient
documentation and adequate facts in which to make an informed decision.

I hope this information assists you in your deliberations.

Anastasia Hopkinson
President, Annapolis Roads Property Owners Association

Click here for the "chronology" as mentioned above:


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