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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mayor Moyer: PLEASE RESIGN NOW!!! just keeps getting worse. Your mishandling of the ICMA crime report is just too much. My camel's back just broke. Help! How much longer can this go on? How much worse can it get? And you continue to think that you are somehow a feel good manager/leader employing positive communication and collaborating for results. Please, make it stop!!!! AHHHHHH....primal scream!!!!!! And you think everyone is just out to get you. No! We're out to get you to take action on crime.

No, Mayor Moyer, you're just a mean-spirited, angry, paranoid incompetent as mayor. You are not a bad person. Rough around the edges perhaps. Quick to anger. Not always warm and fuzzy. We can handle that. But please, we have a municipal government to run, a corporate body, and it just keeps getting worse.

Crime is serious. Citizens and the few assertive alderman who have taken a stand have had to fight and fight and fight to get anywhere on fighting crime and you just keep making it harder for us to make progress. Please--resign! We know you care and we know you work hard. We know you are trying, albeit in your own unusual way, but the time has come for you to step down.

Of course, what we do next is the big question. I'm not sure I have an answer. With you as mayor it's like a ship with Captain Bligh or Captain Queeg. If you stepped down, it might be like a ship without a captain or a mate.....and no rudder....pounding toward a lee shore...once again, another strong case for a city manager from of government. Who will step up to the plate?

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A.W. said...

Well maybe not over the report which she has released, but what about the sidewalk bills?

Sure I know it was passed and we should have known, but other than demanding $25 what assurances do we have that the City will be "open and responsive" when we call to report a broken sidewalk?

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