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Friday, August 29, 2008

Gov. Adds Emergency Bus Service Over Bay Bridges

So this is what it takes? An emergency? A major accident? A forced closure of a lane for emergency repairs? While I am sure that commuters are grateful and this is a help, why does it take an emergency to get on the road what we have needed all along? If we had better bus service all along, who knows what kind of jams and accidents might have been averted?

Thanks Governor O'Malley for quickly making this happen, but please, please we need more transit and especially more commuter buses all over the state. You control the people who control the MTA, a major regional bus system. And we need commuter buses right now to serve Annapolis and Baltimore. To the many needy commuters who are forced to spend and spend to get to and from work, it is an emergency NOW.

See the article about this at:,0,5239522.story
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Regular Schmoe said...

Paul, is it not obvious to you that we are a reactive ( after the damage is done actually) society ?

AS soon as we run out of fossil fuel we will scramble for alternatives, as soon as City Dock is 8 feet underwater the Republican nay-sayers will believe in global warming, as soon as a new-wave mom's child dies of chicken pox she will understand the need to vaccinate --ok so that last example is a little off, but you get the idea.

It's just the way we are, we need crisis to wake us from our slumber and unite in the pursuit of the common cause of common sense.

ps. I like my kids' uniform, even when he comes home slightly disheveled he looks neat.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Schmoe

Maybe I am an irregular schmoe, yes....but we can all try to play at being a Jeremiah of sorts, can we not? Of course I get the idea, so rather than trying to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic, so to speak, we must recall that on that night to remember, the bow-watch sent a message to the captain saying "iceberg ahead" which as we all know, was ignored....for whatever reason. The rest is, well, a night we all remember...unless we are ignorant of course and are doomed to repeat history.

Speaking of icebergs, as they continue to calve away, we may see them slipping southward, perhaps slamming into the Bush compound in Maine. Al Gore is likely to go down as one of the greatest men in history while the Bush crime family will be consigned to the dustbin of history. Thanks for the encouragement which made me go off on a tangent...all because of the Bay Bridge thing....And the hyperconservative bloggers are going to have a fit with me now.

I am glad you like the new school uniforms, which I assume you are talking about at Annapolis MS. However, it is not really a uniform policy per se, but a strictly enforced dress code.

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