Wasilla, Alaska ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wasilla, Alaska

It's just outside of Anchorage with a population of about 6,700 and the town has revenues (does that mean its budget?) of about 12 million dollars. So, you go from being mayor to being governor of what is essentially an enormous oil welfare state for a couple years and then to the Republican VP candidate at the tender age of 42? You know the old one-heartbeat-away from the presidency thing? And with a guy who turns 72 today, how many heartbeats has he got left?
I dunno. It just makes no sense, unless the entire goal was to draw female voters. But, that's not why vp running mates are chosen--is it? And if so, it sure won't work. And would that be cynical!
For sure Obama is an easy target for lack of experience, but his running mate is not, and even so, there were more people in his Illinois state district than in Wasilla and way more in Illinois than there are in Alaska And given the record of Alaska Republicans....). But even size is not the issue and to claim that he has no real foreign policy experience? Well, I guess being governor of Alaska is almost foreign. Heck, we bought it from the Russians and it's near them and those frisky Canadians so it's almost another country. I just don't get it. Besides all that, if running a presidential campaign is an indication of anything, Obama is a superstar. Like him or not, he is one smart,and inspiring fellow. Let's see what the governor of Alaska is like. Kind of makes Dan Quayle look like an elder statesman when he was the vp candidate.

Maybe Joe Biden should be telling her, "I knew Dan Quayle and you are no Dan Quayle."

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