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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Local Newspaper is Outraged...it's the Lou Grant style of journalism

The editors of the local newspaper are outraged that elected officials are not screaming about there being ONLY two Bay bridge crossings! But where is their outrage about other pressing transportation issues? Could this be because editor Tom Marquardt drives from Kent Island to Annapolis every day?

Here is what they had to say:
"ANYONE LISTENING? - Where is the outrage over this traffic debacle? Do you hear the governor or local lawmakers demanding that something be done? Is anyone who takes your taxes promising any substantial relief?"

They go on:

"The truth is that elected officials have given up because the task before them involves another bay crossing, and that's just too daunting. Gov. Martin O'Malley won't support another span, but he doesn't have any serious alternatives to the backups either. Why be concerned when your commute to your office is a walk across the street from a state-owned mansion?"

Are those same editors concerned because their commute is a drive across the bridge? We should be asking those editors the same questions about threats and dangers to walkers and bicyclists, after all, this is the same paper that complained when local police started crosswalk enforcement "stings" to protect walkers slowed the ridiculous traffic down on outer West St. near their offices. Why does this paper not ask the same "outrage" question about the state capital not having express bus service to the state's largest city? Did they express outrage when Governor Ehrlich cut that route? No. They write about the lack of air conditioning on our poorly maintained local buses but do they editorialize about the lack of outrage from elected officials about this problem? No. Do they call for removal of the transportation director? No. And why? It's because their editors drive to work and have their own parking spaces.

Hey--if you choose to live on an island separated from the mainland by five miles of water and one bridge was not enough and now two bridges are not enough, you need to realize that it was these bridges that "opened" that land to you in the first place. Opening that land brought you and more people like you. Now that you are here,you want to open it even further--to yet more of you. When will it end? Will three spans be enough? And in the same breath, you call for safeguarding the Chesapeake. Sorry fellers, you can't have it both ways.

As if the ICC were not enough, a third bridge will cause a great sucking sound in our state budget. Maybe you should consider moving back to the region that your paper covers or living closer to work anyhow. Maybe you should be calling for permanent express bus service across those bridges. Or is build, build, build the only way to go?

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Anonymous said...

TM's travel affecting news coverage?
Hammer, meet nail. On the head.

Paul Foer said...

Okay. Thanks for the comment, but why not identify yourself? Hammer, meet nail. On the head. Thanks for reading and writing, but hey, this is a community forum!

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