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Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's New or News at the Local Newspaper?

The economic "downturn" is hurting them as well, and shrinking news staffs and shrinking news holes have been evident from some time. Certainly the Sun, now The Baltimore Sun with its new design, has had cutbacks. They put a positive spin on it with a huge color spread last weekend laying out their new layout. Big changes at The Sun, but they don't seem to shrink their sports news. Same with our local newspaper.

In an editorial last weekend, Tom Marquardt, editor of our local paper, wrote of necessary cutbacks, stating that the $1.50 cost of the Sunday paper is a fourth of the price of a stadium beer. Actually Tom, it's less than a fifth of the price of a stadium beer, but I am not sure which one is either more or less filling or tastes better.

It seems that both local papers are finally coming to understand the power of the blogosphere and their own expanded role in that realm as they both are taking up more bandwidth even as their newsprint space shrinks. Speaking of which, after CP slammed the local transportation blogger, his columns seem to have disappeared.....???

Even the Baltimore City Paper has covered the cutbacks at The Sun.

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