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Friday, September 5, 2008

Aldermwoman Finlayson...Golfing with Celebrities in PG County

Does PG stand for political golf course?? In previous posts,CP has brought to your attention the lavish and high dollar fundraising parties for local politicians such as Ellen Moyer, Dave Cordle, Sam Shropshire and now....Sheila Finlayson (see--CP is an equal opportunity and bipartisan exploiter!).It seems that the first-term alderwoman, who may be a mayoral candidate, is really putting on the ritz.

It's a golf tournament--The Annual Finlayson Celebrity Golf Classic....oooh! Celebrities. And it's annual, which means....we can expect this for as long as she seeks office and needs money. The celebs are NFL and NBA players. The good alderwoman has no less than five sponsorship levels ranging from a high (platinum) of $1750 down to a low of an almost affordable $200, which oddly enough is labeled as a hole sponsor. A hole sponsor? Can you dig it???? Can you sponsor half a hole? Each level has its own set of little perks including your logo on her web-site..,or we assume it's her re-election or mayoral campaign web-site. Has anyone seen it?

Why do politicians always keep raising money and more money, even if they are not officially running for an office? In her own words, we'll let the alderwoman explain all her accomplishments and why she needs our money:

This past year, I have kept very busy with my work on the Council and our committees. I currently serve on the Public Safety, Economic Matters, Housing and Human Welfare Committees and the Education Commission. I continue my “Walk the Ward” to keep in touch with the needs of the residents of Ward 4. Through my experience with the Teachers Association, I was able to bring a police housing program, which will encourage officers to live in the City. By attending conferences, I have increased my awareness of environmental issues and have some great ideas to share about “greening” our city and focusing more on moving people as opposed to cars.

Oh boy! All we need is to attend yet more conferences to get yet more awareness of environmental issues. Now we learn she wants to move people as opposed to cars? Okay, please tell us more...CP is all for that as the alderwoman knows ....We can't even get the air conditioners to cool our own buses....and how is your black Mercedes doing these days? Is it cool inside on those hot, hot days?

While much work has been done, there is still much more to do. Your sponsorship will assist me in continuing my work on the City Council and in the Annapolis community. continuing your work, our work or your sponsor's work?

Oh--and did I mention that it is in Upper Marlboro???? That's not even in the same county for $@^&# sake! Remember how Mayor Moyer's big thing was in Davidsonville? At least that's in our county. Find out about the big event at:

I forgot to mention....the big celeb event is not only way out of the price range of most folks anywhere...not to mention Ward Four...and not only is it a half-hour away (if you have a car) in's ON A MONDAY!!!! Now it's really accessible to the working folks of Ward Four.

Alderwoman Finlayson--try having a real event for real Annapolitans in Annapolis one day...we're all waiting.

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Scott Bowling said...


You state in the opening paragraph of this posting, that Alderman Finlayson is a "... first-term alderwoman, who may be a mayoral candidate, ...".

I disagree with the above statement, that she "may" be a mayoral candidate. From the information regarding sponsorship levels and the associated price points listed on her own fundraisers website (Platinum Sponsor $1,750, Gold Sponsor $1,500), she is either running for Mayor (as the maximum contribution for a candidate for alderman is $1,000), or she is knowingly and blatantly violating city code, which I do not believe is the case. Alderman Finlayson is much too smart to do something as foolish as that.

Given these facts, I believe the people of Annapolis have a right to know her intentions, and if she is unwilling to declare them, than all contributions in excess of $1,000 should be returned immediately, as they are in excess of the contribution limits.

Just my opinion, as a voter in the City of Annapolis.

Paul Foer said...

Thanks for your note. How can you disagree with me stating she "may be a mayoral candidate."? She has not declared publicly. She has no web-site. It has not been reported elsewhere. You posit two scenarios--one in which she is either running or is not, and is therefore in violation of city code, a suggestion you immediately dismiss. Finally, you say that we "have a right to know her intentions..." which means we do not know them, which means......she "may be a mayoral candidate" which means I did report accurately. Having said this,do you still disagree that she "may be a mayoral candidate."? Any more information you can provide will be reviewed and possibly included here. Thanks again.

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