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Friday, September 5, 2008

Where is Carl Snowden When We Need Him??? "Shoot the Officers"

Just look at these below incidents from our police crime watch report. If only Assistant Attorney General Carl "Ban the Banning" Snowden were looking out for the rights of these criminals, these incidents might not have occurred. Bolding is provided by CP.

1. DISTURBANCE: On September 4th at 5:11 PM, an officer on foot patrol on Newtowne Drive noticed a male juvenile sitting in front building number 713. Based on his experience from working the area, the officer knew that the juvenile lived across the street and had been involved in an on-going altercation with some residents of building 713. The officer advised him to leave the immediate area, since he did not live in the building and it was known that he had a history of fighting with the residents. The suspect was very belligerent and hollered obscenities, drawing a crowd. He then lit a cigarette. Knowing that the suspect was under 18, the officer advised him to get rid of the cigarette. The suspect became further enraged and escalated his verbal displeasure. The officer approached him and told him that he was under arrest for causing a disturbance. The suspect squared off in a fighting stance. When the officer grabbed a hold of him, he resisted efforts to handcuff him. Another officer arrived, and the two officers struggled to gain control of the suspect The suspect’s mother approached and told him to comply with the officer, but he continued to resist. The suspect’s brother also approached, but, unlike the mother, he interfered with the arrest by getting in close proximity and inciting the crowd that had formed. The suspect, while struggling with the officers, incited the crowd further and called for someone to shoot officers. He was finally restrained. His brother was also arrested. The first suspect kicked one of the officers repeatedly during the arrest procedure. He was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. The brother was charged with Hindering and Interfering with Police. (08-005621)

2. ASSAULT: On September 4th at 7:24 PM, a resident of the 1800 block of Bowman Drive reported that an adult female had assaulted a 14 year old child, over whom she has guardianship. The resident said that first the child came into her home and complained of the suspect yelling at him. The suspect then came in behind him, hollering something about his disrespecting her. She then shoved the young man in his chest with both hands. 33 year old Nicole Brandy Jones, a nearby resident, was arrested and charged with Assault. (08-005624)


Yesterday, we reported that a 21 year old Bens Drive resident told officers that she had been involved in an on-going argument with a man known to her. The two argued off and on several times throughout the day and into the evening. At 1:51 AM, he came to her apartment, entered through the unlocked rear sliding glass door, and punched her in the face several times. The suspect has been identified as 31 year old Darron Anthony Bryan of Louis Drive. On September 4th at 5:41 PM, he turned himself in to police headquarters. He was charged with Burglary and Assault in connection with the incident. (08-005601)

5. VIOLATION OF PROTECTIVE ORDER: 9/3 12:05 PM 709 Newtowne Dr. - a 22 year old resident reported that an estranged boyfriend was knocking on her door asking her to let him in to talk matters over. She refused to let him in as she had taken out a Protective Order from the Court, which bars him from contacting her. He fled before officers arrived. He was identified and charges are pending. (08-005585)

7. FOUND GUN: 9/4 11:41 AM unit block of Brewer St. - a shotgun was found underneath a resident’s porch. He has no idea where it came from. (08-005612)

8, TRESPASSING: 9/4 12:22 PM 27 Bens Dr. - a citizen reported seeing a man exit an apartment from a window. He was located and identified as Charles Herbert Tongue, 39. It turned out that he had the resident’s permission to be in the apartment, but had been banned from the community as a whole. He was arrested and charged with Trespassing. (08-005614)

9. DISTURBANCE: 9/4 1:51 PM 1800 block of Bay Ridge Ave. - a traffic stop was made due to a car being driven with a faulty brake light. The driver was identified as Kelee Marva Danielle Gray, 30, of Kensington Way. It was then determined that the tags to the car were suspended for failure to comply with insurance requirements. An order was out for the seizure of the tags a result. She was advsied of that and told that the tags would be confiscated. She was further told that the car would have to be towed. She refused to get out of the car after the tow truck arrived and became argumentative. She was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct. (08-005615)

..and this one, just for good measure, to show, that once again, the operation of motor vehicles is truly the number one threat to public safety to the average Annapolitans on a daily basis.

10. HIT AND RUN ACCIDENT: 9/4 7:31 PM 4th & Chester - a 2007 Kia was struck by a 2002 Ford Truck while the Kia was stopped. The Ford was trying to maneuver around the Kia in an area congested by parked cars. The operator of the Ford reportedly shouted at the other driver, then left without checking for damage or leaving information. The driver of the Kia got the tag number of the Truck and officer found the owner/operator. He was identified as Mark Todd Harpe, 56, of Woodlawn Avenue. He said that he "might" have contacted the Kia, but hadn’t thought any damage resulted. He was arrested and charged with Hit and Run. (08-005625)

If you have information on these or any other crimes, you can call the Annapolis Police Dept at 410-268-9000. Remember, you do not have to leave your name.

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