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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Iran....the biggest threat to global security

Yeah, this is a locally-oriented blog, but I believe in thinking globally and since I have written about the threat of global warming, I will now turn our attention to Iran, whose actions I believe, may have global consequences, equally if not more dire.

As readers know, CP hates few things more than organized religion, and Iran is the prime example today of how religious despotism, what some call Islamofascism, has created a truly dangerous theocratic state. Theocracy is government by religion. This is why I recently expressed contempt for the prayer meeting in Arnold elementary and the absurd faith-based writings of a science teacher at Annapolis High School.

What does this have to do with Iran?

The big challenge is that Iran may be nearing nuclear offensive capabilities. As author Sam Harris wrote in The End of Faith, few things are more dangerous than weapons of mass destruction in the hands of apocalyptic true-believers. The nations of the world need to unite to stop this from happening. The US may or may not able to do it alone, but we have seen how the last eight years of misguided (if not almost fascist and theocratic policies) actions on the part of our own government have diminished our power, our relevancy, our stature, our economy and our ability to influence world events.

A good place to start learning more is from this non-partisan group Take the time to see the brief video. Then think seriously about which team of presidential/vice presidential candidates will be more likely to present a face to the world that is likely to encourage and engender global cooperation, rather than unilateral military action. Which team is more likely to try the hardest and prevail with effective non-military strategies? Which team is most likely to appoint reasoned and capable men and women to positions of power to respond to such threats?

As I've written before, John McCain says he "knows how to win wars." I think his experience tells us otherwise--in Vietnam and Iraq, where he says "we are winning." (Of course we "won" in Vietnam too...?) Besides, as I have also written before, I'd rather have a president that keeps us out of wars rather than one who sees military options as an early, rather than last step of action.

If the US is to remain relevant, vital and powerful, it is essential that we have the cooperation and respect of other nations and other leaders. I think it is important that we not allow our leaders to respect any religious faith or to allow creeping theocracy to seep in....whether they can see Russia on a clear day or not.

Incidentally, Harris has a new book out called Letter to A Christian Nation.

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