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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Annapolis..."Spare No Expense on Anything"

As part of an occasional series on exploring what others in the blogosphere are writing about Annapolis when they visit, I came across the sailboat cruising notes of some folks from Maine. Obviously they are focused more on sailing and exploring than they are on writing about the places they visit, for they came to America's Sailing Capital and managed barely more than a paragraph, which I supply for your reading pleasure:

"Sorry I didn't take any pictures in Annapolis. Nice city, a lot of municipal construction projects going on. The State House was closed due to major refit. Representative of a very wealthy state. Spare no expense on anything, sweeping up leaves, repairing sidewalks, spic and span."

I liked that part about being "Representative of a very wealthy state." They don't know about our budget situation nor the fact that we don't even have commuter buses from our State Capital to its largest city.

As noted, we do have a lot of municipal projects going on...and a lot of lawsuits about them as well. They apparently missed that we did successfully renovate the entire City Dock area. Of course, they failed to notice the failed Market House, nor would they have any idea about our crumbling water infrastructure. I am glad they think our sidewalks are in nice shape, but they again have no idea about the story behind that.

If these folks are cruising on a budget, it's a big one. They went out to lunch at Pussers. Ignorance is bliss. They pretty much say as much elsewhere in their journal. I wonder how much I miss..we all miss, when we sail into another city?
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