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Sunday, September 7, 2008

More Bad News...about News "Reporting"

CP often comments on our media, sometimes nicely and sometimes...not so nicely. I just love taking potshots at the Arundel Extra section of that big Washington newspaper because it never knew what it wanted to be or how to be it. They should either get serious about regular, daily reporting or get out of I mean county. That's the problem--they can't really do what The Capital does and they try to go head to head with that sunny paper from up north in the regions between B'more and D.C..

Too often it was filled with fluffy features, sports, calendars of events, crime reports, home sales reports and old, rehashed "news" and ads that were not even local in scope. Sometimes they were so lacking in selectivity that they took stories from not only outside of the county, but from Virginia! Now it is getting worse. They are combining with the Howard County "Extra"--and as corporations often do when downsizing to serve us even less, they are telling us they are improving the publication to provide us with better coverage. Uh....yeah, and monkeys will fly out my...oh never mind. I love the Washington Post--grew up with it, knew many writers there, but these local sections.....I can leave them. What a shame. A newsweekly from that otherwise great paper could serve us so well....maybe they should take a lesson or two from Bay Weekly--and get local with news...not just low caloric.

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