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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Local Newspaper Would Never Do This For CP, but....

I must be a masochist. Of course I must, for doing what I do, but here goes more. I am going to turn you on to the new blogging page of our local newspaper. I don't have a whole lot of good to say about it, but it does show that our newspapers are clearly beginning to see the writing on the wall--their days are numbered and the blogosphere, for better or worse, is moving in on them---fast and furious, like todays' Hanna storm.

The Capital's bloggers are just folks, not reporters for the most part, and while most of the topics are fluff and puff like living on a boat or simplifying your life, they are at least an attempt, however vainly, to expand the forum of news. It does seem you have to be either a guy in a ballcap or sunglasses or maybe a youngish Mom to be a blogger for the local newspaper, but hey give it a try. You are also likely to find that most of these folks are not bad writers, but they tend to post only once a month or so. Well, here goes, more free publicity from me the blogger to them the 800 pound news
We know from many good sources that CP is widely read in political circles as well as in the newsroom of the local paper--whether anyone admits it in public or not. I don't mind referring to the local newspaper when they have something important and valuable to say--which is fairly often. Now, if only they'd return the favor...but I'm not holding my breath.

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