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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Hypocrisy from A Politician

And this time it's a Democrat, but it's not about some sexual thing, it's drinking and driving or DUI. Perhaps we should call it being a Delegate Under the Influence. But, as we find it repulsive when a lawmaker rails on about sexual depravity and then is caught being depraved, this one was a leader against alcohol abuses. According to The Capital, and of course other news sources Montgomery County Delegate Herman Taylor Jr., "who called for "DUI" license plates that would be issued to people convicted more than once of drunken driving has been charged with driving under the influence himself." An officer found him asleep at the wheel in a parking lot. Pity the poor Delegate Taylor.

Here are a few things that the House of Delegate's web-site says about him (bolding is my emphasis):

Member of House of Delegates since January 8, 2003. Member, Economic Matters Committee, 2003- (banking, economic development, science & technology subcommittee, 2003-06; business regulation subcommittee, 2003-; alcoholic beverages work group, 2003-06; public utilities work group, 2003-;

Okay. So we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He pulled into a parking lot and passed out. At least he did not slam into a school bus. We expect our elected officials to be honorable, moral and law abiding citizens. Actions such as this, by Democrats or Republicans, strike another nail into the coffin of cynicism and disdain for politics. It is especially bad, such as with Republican Delegate Tony McConkey, when they violate laws for which they voted. I hope Taylor has the cajones to come out honestly about this, apologize, get some counseling and NEVER do it again! He is scheduled for trial on October 24.

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