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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Top Ten US "Sustainable Cities"...with a big surprise

David Letterman would be proud. A new survey has come up with the top-ten most "sustainable cities" and CP has been fortunate enough to have visited each and every one of them, mainly in my role as a consultant, speaker and trainer on transportation systems. Here is what SustainLane writes about its study:

"The rankings explain how people’s quality of life and city economic and management preparedness are likely to fare in the face of an uncertain future.These indicators gauge, for instance, which cities’ public transit, renewable energy, local food, and development approaches are most likely to either limit or intensify the negative economic and environmental impacts of fossil fuel dependence."

You'll find the usual suspects on the list such as Portland, Oregon at number one followed by San Francisco and Seattle. In the last year, CP visited these three top cities, some for the third time, enjoying all the multi-modal and efficient transportation systems, including taking the inaugural ride on opening day of the new South Lake Union Trolley (yes...I rode the SLUT) in Seattle.

Another top-rated city is Minneapolis, where CP was working with its DOT to help transit systems improve their marketing and build ridership. Oakland, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and New York are revered for their walkability, architecture, their intensity of transit, and to one extent or another, their historic resources. But you will probably be surprised by which large city makes number ten. It's not far from Annapolis and it's not Philadelphia as mentioned already, so might it actually be.....???....of course actually getting from here to there by transit, well, that is a different story. (Hint/ aint DC....) CLICK HERE---Sustainable Surprise

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Tax said...

It's so nice that those cities are sustainable. It's great that the environment is there number one priority. Putting environment ahead of such mundane things as education and crime. Keep it up Baltimore, you will some be the greenest wasteland in the country.

Paul Foer said...

Dear "Tax"....You would not happen to have the initials P.D. would you? Well, in any event, I can see that your convictions, as well as your depth of understanding, leaves a lot to be desired, but you are a reader, so I'll try to be...circumspect.
I suppose it all depends upon what your definition of "environment" might be. Since most of us prefer to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat untainted food, as well as enjoy some shade, the ability to swim, fish,and listen to birds on the Chesapeake, I suppose in my definition, I don't "put environment ahead" of other things that you call "mundane" necessarily. Of course, you probably know that "mundane" means of the world.Yes? And since things such as air, water, trees, animals etc. were a part of the world before human constructs such as crime and education were, I might consider them mundane as well, if not darn important. Children who are poisoned cannot learn very well, whether you put education ahead of "environment" or not and children who don't appreciate wildlife, nature and animals might also be disposed toward not liking humans either--which means they might commit crimes.
If you have been to any of those top ten cities, you would probably have seen why they are attractive and livable and desirable--which also means they are economically successful, which means they can invest in education and in fighting crime. Maybe this never occurred to you with your constrained view of "environment". Now you could laugh off everything I am suggesting here, but I believe that a society, social system and government that values a clean environment
(remember--the air and water thing?) is also more likely to place a high value on its citizens--and vice verse.
You have ideas and you wish to communicate them, so I suggest you submit some thoughtful comments--with your identity please, but I am tired of your anonymous rants. Go start your own blog. Thank you. CP

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