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Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Hypocrisy from A Politician...I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick....

WARNING: This post is not intended for young children. Please do not allow children to read this.

I hate to refer to the local newspaper here again, but in respect of journalistic integrity--here goes...The Capital today reports that former Delegate Robert McKee from Hagerstown has been found guilty of violating child pornography laws. According to The Capital, he had been executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Washington County, where he served 29 years, served as president of the Little League of Halfway, chairman of the Maryland State Association of Big Brothers and Big Sisters Agencies, vice president of the Hagerstown Junior Basketball League and chaplain of the Hagerstown Jaycees.

As if those were not bad enough, here's the kicker--The Capital says McKee also "sponsored the Child Protection from Predators Act this year, as well as a statewide DNA database system which called for DNA samples to be collected from sexual predators upon arrest."
I'm think I'm gonna be How many times have we found these politicians who speak out vehemently about and try to legislate values and morals from one side of their mouth (and so often from one side of the aisle...have you noticed?) only to find they were merely projecting (which is what I just did...with vomit). Sick. Sick. Sick. Do you suppose this guy McKee might have done more than just possess photos? Please--somebody find me some examples of Democrats behaving like this!!! Please. I am not suggesting they don't do it, but every case of such hypocrisy that comes to mind involves Republicans. I am not talking about graft or corruption--that is from both parties. I am talking about the sex and morality stuff. Please! Wait until we find that McKee was soliciting sex from men in bathrooms. Yes, as Jon Stewart reported from Minneapolis about the "cream" of the Republican Party that was gathering!!!

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