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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Novel Idea for the Market Space...temporarily

We all know how the Market House is almost empty and with the Boat Shows approaching and we know there is a huge lawsuit about that underway. We also know that renovation of the police headquarters is years behind as well, and apparently with another lawsuit. One of the many reasons the police building is taking so long is because parts of the building are occupied around the clock for business. So here is one idea...it may be crazy...it may not work, but....here goes

Why don't we just move those offices and employees that get displaced from construction down to the Market House??? Is this possible? Would it not be worth a try??? Maybe it will have a positive impact on law enforcement as well? And for the Boat Shows, why not at least have the visitor's center kiosk by the Harbormasters Office (which closes for the shows and for the season) set up shop in the Market House as well???? Any thoughts?

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Regular Schmoe said...

How 'bout a taxi stand and/or bus station to encourage a pedestrian/bike friendlier downtown ?

Paul Foer said...

Dear Schmoe:

Well, how about it? There are reasons as to why it is not the best location for a bus station, but we really don't have a bus station to speak of anyhow. There are better places. By the way, do you post comments at other blogs under a different name, perhaps that of "oy vey"? You have good things to say, so why don't you share your identity with our readers?

Regular schmoe said...

Yes I do.

I do not want to limit my wife's career, therefore I stay anonymous. Also, I have a tendency to get sort of rude at times.

Paul Foer said...

Well, that's funny. I always thought that free speech was guaranteed through our Constitution. As for what you might say limiting your wife's career, does your wife happen to be mayor of Annapolis? It has been suggested by some that regular schmoe is none other than her boyfriend Dale, though I am told he denies it. How could what you write harm your wife's career? As for your tendency for being rude, perhaps being identified might have a moderating effect.
In any event, as I am fond of writing, we don't live in a police state--yet. If you ever find that what you think or write causes someone to harm you, I'd contact the ACLU immediately. Whenever the courts have ruled in First Amendment cases, they have often used the expression "chilling effect" to mean something that might inhibit the willingness of some to express themselves freely. But self-imposed limits are equally troubling.

Regular Schmoe said...

Moyer is olde enough to be my mom and Bump could be my brother--That is not a riddle by the way.

I have no relation to the moyers.

I do agree my lack of anonymity would have a moderating effect.

Paul Foer said...

Well, you do have a sense of humor. So what's wrong that moderating effect?

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