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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Organized School Prayer....Creeping Around A Flagpole Near You

"SPEAK, for your servant is listening"

As reported in today's Capital....."An annual prayer event around school flagpoles this morning drew ire from some parents at an Arnold elementary school, where a brochure promoting the event was sent home with students as part of an official information packet."

(LEFT: From Could this be the scene one day at our public schools? Would organized Christian school prayer be any different than what occurs in Muslim sharia-ocracies?)

Good grief! It was promoted by the school, on school property, just before school hours. The mullahs and Ayatollahs must love it. The parent who organized the event was apparently so upset by the uproarious reaction of other parents that she pulled her children out of the school. Fine. There are plenty of private, religious schools for her children to attend. Let's hear it for uproarious parents. This prayer gathering was one of many across the nation organized by thr See You At the Pole movement: POLE

See the Capital's article at:

School Prayer

According to The Capital, the principal allowed the promotional letter but a School Board spokesperson said she was wrong. Oooh. Will she be sent to the Supe's office?

Hellfire and damnation. I mean damn nation. I think we ought to hold a See You At the Polls event and be sure we elect leaders who will ensure the Constitutional dictate to keep church and state separate. Maybe we should organize a national See You in The Pool campaign with a wet tee shirt contest or maybe a See You On A which students will compete for sexiest pole dance. Of course I am not serious (did I have to tell you that) but really, we may be about to elect a weirdo Pentecostalist vice president who believes it is God's will to build a gas line in, this prayer thing may not seem like a big deal, but it is a slippery slope toward theocracy or what might properly be labeled "Christo-fascism." If they wish to pray in the name of Jesus Christ at school, they can freely choose to go to a Christian school, but keep it out of our public schools...PUHLEEZE! See you at the polls.

And thanks to the Arnold parents who protested.

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Regular Schmoe said...

Oy Vey

It would serve the public good to fire the people responsible for this atrocity.

Seriously, I say this.

Paul Foer said...

Yup. I wrote "good grief." You wrote "oy vey". This thing originated in Texas. Does that surprise anyone?

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