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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reuters Gets It Right

In a recent article examining Palin as the GOP choice, news service Reuters write, "But political analysts say Palin remains a powerful force in McCain's campaign despite her bad reviews. They cite her proven ability to rally evangelical Christians and connect with other socially conservative Republicans, whose grass-roots muscle could propel McCain in crucial states."

Exactly. Her only purpose is to attract an extremist minority of Americans to cast votes in key states to get McCain elected. And as CP has been saying, that's the strategy for November 4th. As for the 5th and then on, as the Zen Master says, "we shall see." And the GOP accuses liberals and Democrats of hating America???

While interviewed in Canada recently, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security advisor to former president Jimmy Carter, said that McCain "chose someone who is literally unequipped to be vice-president, not to mention being president."

C'mon Thursday.....and Joe, please stop sticking your foot in your mouth, just let Palin stick it in her mouth.

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Tax said...

I hope you don't consider women with kids extremist.

Paul Foer said...

Only the woman whose one-night fling with her pool cleaning boy (or was it her gardener in the shed? her chef in the pantry? her chauffeur in the back of the Rolls?) or the tax collector... that resulted in you. I think it would be the latter. That would explain your name.

John said... this Annapolis Capital Punishment? While national news, and particularly the election, are critical issues for everyone, it seems this blog has strayed from discussing what is right and wrong in Annapolis to a McCain, Palin and any other republican you can name bashing site.

Paul Foer said...

I appreciate your comments. On a local level I am decidedly non-partisan, and as you know, I mainly focus on local issues.However, since I believe the national Republican agenda, and of course McCain and Palin, are wrong for America and therefore Annapolis, I am directing much attention to that. The election is a month away, so expect a return to more local items at that time. I don't just bash Republicans, by the way, and sometimes I don't even bash, but offer praise and acknowledgment. I still believe that the Republican and Bush crime family government has just about ruined our country. Why don't you write longer essays that I can publish as posts instead of only as brief comments? Thanks.

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