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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Plain Kids...snookering the collective American mind

Did I mean to say Plain or Palin kids??? WARNING: This post will make somebody upset with me....Now I turn my sense of disgust to Sarah Palin's daughters who are fair game for how she and her supporters are using her family to gain political support....but first, from the frontlines of Our Kulturkampf comes the The Family Research Council,whose legislative action arm or FRC Action is "dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena and educating the general public and cultural leaders about traditional American values and to promote the philosophy of the Founding Fathers concerning the nature of ordered liberty." Ordered liberty?

Ordered liberty???? Uhh, I'll take a burger, a fries, a Coke and a liberty--to go--with extra napkins. Ordered liberty? Is that like "natural law?"

Well...sort of. It's a complex concept in constitutional law that the literary web-site describes as "A loosely used term, diversely applied in scholarly literature and judicial opinions, 'ordered liberty' suggests that fundamental constitutional rights are not absolute but are determined by a balancing of the public (societal) welfare against individual (personal) rights. In this dialectical perspective, the thesis is 'order,' its antithesis 'liberty': the synthesis, 'ordered liberty,' describes a polity that has reconciled the conflicting demands of public order and personal freedom."

Okay. I'm no expert but the bs alert system in me reads they (FRCAction) take it to mean Christian, fundamentalist,theocracy. Okay, so I'm over-reacting a bit. Maybe. Am I?

Here is one excerpt from the family group's "Kitchen Table blog" that will help explain their "thing." It's called "Piper Palin and the Culture of Life" and shows little Piper caring for even littler Trig at the GOP Convention. Remember now, this is the same family with a pregnant, unmarried teenage daughter--and somehow they turn that into a positive thing!:

"At one point during her mother's speech, Piper was cradling newborn Trig Palin, their baby with Down Syndrome, when she looked at her brother and determined that his hair needed to be straightened. Piper wet her fingers with her tongue and then proceeded to comb Trig's hair. It was something so rarely seen in our world today: a sublime scene of love and tenderness.

I think it melted the collective American heart. Already today, I have heard it mentioned on talk radio. There are numerous postings about it on the internet including many video clips of it. (Watch part of it here.)

Piper's love for her brother beautifully illustrated how precious each human life is. She also revealed how a reverence for life begins with family and the exhibition of self-less love that children learn from their parents. Clearly, the Palins teach their children well. They do more than talk about a Culture of Life - they help build one every day."
See: Make Me Sick Here

Awwww....why didn't they just show a video of her other daughter displaying her butt up in the air with her "drill here, drill now, pay less" panties displayed for her S--- kicking boyfriend, soon-to-be-husband? The ooh so obvious sub text is--well you can figure it out...I guess that minimum wage, global warming, health care and sending our children off to war for oil are just family issues for these ordered liberty folks.

If this post bothers you, too bad! Just consider that we are only talking about the future of our country and the world, given that if McCain is elected, Palin could conceivably become president and even she says she's just a pit bull with lipstick.

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Roberto said...

Each time I read about Palin in the papers or your blog I get more and more scared about her one day being VP and God help us possibly one day Pres. This post scared me also but at least it made me crack up - something I haven't done while reading about politics lately. Keep it up!

One of your anonymous readers.

Paul Foer said...

Hey Roberto

Thanks..and I am glad you laughed. Did you read the post where I predict how they're going to get rid of her? Plane crash off Alaska's coast? A bag full of money and a new identity for the s--- kicker hockey player boyfriend to go to Estonia and become a star to embarrass them into quitting? The polls keep trending more and more toward a bigger Obama victory each day (see my previous post) but we can all work toward electing Obama...and send Palin back to the frozen north where she can only look at--and not do anything else with Russia.

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