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Monday, September 22, 2008

Say It Aint So Joe....

Last time I used this expression, it was about the infamous Joe Gross, who I don't have to kick around anymore. This time the Joe is Joe Biden and just to be fair, since I've made fun of Sarah Palin, I am sharing this piece from the Wall Street Journal. The Journal or WSJ is an excellent newspaper...if you can somehow handle their warped Weltanschauung, which I surprise there. Anyhow, alert reader Julie Mussog brought this to CP's enjoy their take on some recent Biden quips. Well, I still prefer him to Palin....any place, any day, any time, for any reason...unless I need to skin a moose.(Actually I am just sharing this to score points with the hyperconservative bloggers.....NOT!) See the WJS at Joe and God

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