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Monday, September 22, 2008

Josh Cohen for Mayor? The Straight "Poop" it were

While the Republican s--- about Sarah Palin continues to stink like a load of diapers, and her large and growing family--out of wedlock or otherwise--suddenly becomes a badge of courage to Republicans when at any other time (or to a Black woman or a Democrat)it would have been a mark of shame...if not disqualification for consideration of the veep spot, it seems that here at home, diapers may be causing one popular elected official to think twice..or thrice...about campaigning for another elected office. When CP got wind of a rumor (spread by an Alderman) about County Councilman Josh Cohen making a run for mayor, I was shocked. Based on previous conversations, CP did not think such a move was of interest to Cohen. And from where I stand, it might be a step backward in a bright political career-especially if we change to a city manager form of government.....but I digress....CP asked Cohen point blank if he is in fact a candidate for mayor. Cohen responded (in italics):

With respect to the mayoral race, according to your blog I thought you were going to puke if anyone talked about it this early!! Seriously, it's true that several people have asked me to run in recent weeks. While I'm not ruling it out, my focus is and has been to continuing serving and to run for re-election to the County Council. Lesley and I had our second baby girl 7 weeks ago and frankly in this haze of diapers and burp cloths we're in no position to seriously consider another campaign right now.

Yes, I did have to write about the mayoral race...I am not puking yet....but I may need some diapers...So, there you have it. Two children and their diapers will likely keep Cohen out of the running for re-election to City Council, but it takes vastly more s--- than that to keep Palin in Alaska. By the way, Cohen sits on the council representing a county with almost as many people as in Alaska..and when he was alderman, there were almost as many people in Ward Eight as there are in Wasilla....

Of course, that makes me think of Cohen's role in the Maritime Republic of Eastport and our own Eastport-Spa Creek "bridge to nowhere" and our attempt to secede....ooh this is getting too weird...On the other hand, from where we sit in Eastport, not to be "over-Bering" but we can see all the way across the Gulf of Eastport to the foreign nation of Annapolis...Josh please keep doing what McCain and Palin claim to be doing--fighting Republicans and reforming the system...

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Talaria said...

Hmmmm. Give up a safe seat on the Council to get thrown under the bus (no pun intended Paul) by a bunch of city wingnuts all in the name of running a city the Mayor will no longer run?

I don't think he'll run but if he does, he'll win. In that vain, my unsolicited advice to the 2nd tier candidates if Cohen runs:

Trudy: The big McFall is coming. See if Cohen will give you a cushy job in the city that doesn't involve public housing. Try McRunnerUp for size. And Value Size it because you'll 500 votes short.

Zina: You had better Pierre into the County Council chambers to figure out how to get Cohen's County seat. You’ll only need 4 votes to win that race. You are coming in 3rd and there's nothing the Clintons can do to save your lame candidacy.

Chuck: When you Weikel up the day after Cohen announces, maybe you'll realize that 300-year anniversary thing was your biggest and last hurrah. I don't think you'll run anyway.

Dick: The only thing you and Cohen have in common is Israel. You are coming in 4th my man.

Sam: You had better shop the shire for a job yourself because you are coming in 5th if you run at all.

Sheila: FINd a way to parLAY a good relationship with Naptown's Golden SON into future success. Your day is coming. Its just not here yet.

Also rans: (meaning every Democrat not mentioned): Save your time and go hang out at Castelbay instead. Vince could use the business more than the print shops.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Talaria: When I first read that name, I had to reach for the quinine and malarone! Well, your comments certainly reflect the mercurial origins of your blogname, though as you know I am going to say, your real identity would be appreciated. I must say, your pointed wordplays (no pun intended my ass!)were delightful if not downright refreshing, but your vitriol makes CP appear to be like Dale Carnegie. However, your remark about
"The only thing you and Cohen have in common is Israel" is unpleasant, to put it mildly. I know what you were trying to say, but it was somewhat more tasteless--and perhaps baseless, than the rest of your comments.
There may be a great future for you in blogging and I welcome more creative comments, but why won't you stand behind your beliefs by letting readers know your real name?

Tax said...

Josh would get crushed in Annapolis mayoral race. Cohen has ridden Moyer's coattails to where he is now. No one in Annapolis would vote for anyone remotely connected to Moyer. What has he done on the county council, supported every tax increase and attacked the county police whenever he can. Besides, he refused to sleep in the bed he made in Eastport. He ran for county to get out of Eastport and the crime crisis he helped to create.

Paul Foer said...

Dear "Tax".....
While your comment is appreciated, I suppose....I ask why your opinions cannot be attached to a name. Well?
I had similar concerns about Josh in politics early on but I think he has moved on from Moyer's coattails. Do you think the job of every elected official is just to cut taxes? Is that the number one role of government? It may be if you support a certain ideology, but that is not the one Josh supports nor apparently, the one his constituents--and taxpayers support. He communicates, provides excellent constituent service and is not afraid to tell you when he disagrees. I also think he is honest. Now if you can substantiate all your claims, including those of saying he attacks the police dep't and helped create a crime crisis, I think my readers would like to hear it. I was also concerned that he moved out of Eastport, but whatever his personal reasons may have been, you should realize what he sacrifices to serve and how he puts his name and face on his actions, his beliefs. That's a HELL OF A LOT MORE RESPECTABLE THAN YOU who just attacks him from a position of cowardly anonymity. We're waiting...and while I'm on it, why don;t you try running for office sometime and see what it's like.

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