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Monday, September 29, 2008

Throughout History...

Throughout history, the men who love war and start wars have always said the war will be easy, that it will be over quickly, that we will win, that all will be well, etc., etc. John McCain is no different. See these video clips:

Everyone makes mistakes and says things we regret later. A person running for president has millions of his or her words recorded for future reference, and they can find stuff for Obama too, but we are talking about waging war! And it was and is still based on lies and deception--and McCain was a part of that. Remember--he is the guy who said "I know how to win wars." But history has proven him wrong on that account--twice. If that's the kind of foreign policy experience you seek in a president--vote for McCain. Republicans have always denigrated the military experience of Democratic candidates and presidents including McGovern, Carter and Kerry,(Kennedy too??) to name a few, so why should anyone listen to them when it comes to their claims about Obama? If George Patton had been a Democrat running for office, they would have slammed him for being weak on defense and foreign affairs...and nothing has weakened our military more than this quagmire in Iraq--which Republicans and McCain still support. How the %%&@(**#(+!!! are we ever going to get out of this one?

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