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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dangerous Nuns and Other Terrorists

At yesterday's Senate's Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing on state police espionage activities against Maryland citizens, we learned that at least two state senators were arrested in their youth for civil disobedience. I liked how they brought that up to the crowd, sort of like it was a badge of honor. I like the fact that our lawmakers had brushes with the other side of the law (I did not say "wrong side")in their salad days. I would hope it gives them a healthy sense of respect for today's activists. Their activism probably spurred them on in their quest for political office--sort of like if you can't lick them, join them....But I digress....

We learned from former Attorney General Steve Sachs and the head of the State Police that our own law enforcement officers infiltrated and tracked peace groups and anti-capital punishment groups (No--not anti this blog!)in Maryland--including two nuns! No less than 53 individuals whose privacy and civil rights were violated have now been contacted and invited in to see their dossiers which they ensure us, will be deleted.

Now--if you were a real terrorist looking to mess around in Maryland, wouldn't it make you smile and sratch your beard to know that the police were out spying on anti-war activists? It would be like winning on both accounts! Not only that, but things such as this should give us all pause to ask what kind of country we live in and what kind of government we have and what all this talk about fighting for freedom and individual rights is all about.

We can only hope that the system self-corrects. It remains to be seen whether any law enforcement officers will be punished for allowing this to happen but my money says it will happen.

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Anonymous said...

You should feel ashamed that these witless unAmerican impersonators of law enforcement officials did not include you on their list. Hooray for the ACLU in helping bring this to light.
Your ACLU-supporting brother,
Bert Foer
A resident of D.C., the last colony.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pols and brushes with the law---did Cindy Busch's DUI get brushed under the carpet?

Paul Foer said...

If it had been "brushed under the carpet" as you suggest, how would you and I have known about it? I believe it was widely reported. Therefore, what is your point? Kind of like dozens of popular right wing talk radio hosts complaining about "the liberal media"--eh? Besides, Cindy Busch is not a politician. Your post is a non sequiter.

Anonymous said...

Non sequiter or non sequitur? A "journalist" ought to know better.

Yes it was reported when she was popped and likely that was only a result of poor timing--could not get the paper to hold back in time. You do know The Capital has been known to do that don't you?

But since it was such big news, for The Capital and you are all about The Capital Punishment, why no follow up?

It is not a non-sequitur. It is about peddling influence in the House of Delegates. Inquiring minds want to know!

Paul Foer said...

Darn--you are correct! Every once in a while the "journalist" in me puts these typos in just to see if anyone is paying attention.

Okay--you want follow up? Here is follow-up. The wife of the Speaker of the House was caught driving while intoxicated--or so it has been reported or alleged. Now what? Like I said--she is not a politician. DUI arrests occur all the time--but she is not a Delegate or the Speaker of the House but is married to him. The only reason that got any coverage was for that reason. I think the news ended there. If you think there is some kind of conspiracy or orchestrated effort to suppress this story, then by all means, that would be newsworthy and if you do the investigation and if it meets normative journalistic standards--I may very well publish it.

Paul Foer said...

In response to the first commenter-thanks! I have not gotten a letter yet from the state police but I did sit next to a man at the hearing who was upset that he was not on the list. It reminds me of Nixon's White House enemies list and how Art Buchwald was upset he did not make it on that one. It's no wonder that the ACLU is always being singled out for its supposedly anti-American and pro-criminal LIBERAL activities.

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