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Monday, October 13, 2008

They Flew in to Annapolis....Ate and Flew Back

With another in our occasional series of news about Annapolis from the blogosphere, we see some nice aerial shots of approaches to Annapolis. This couple flies in to Lee Airport (almost misses it on a clear day and believes it is in Annapolis apparently) after enjoying Dunkin Donuts, then goes to a hotel, gets in a cab or shuttle with a driver who says he does not know how to get to the boat show and then basically writes a food-travelogue. After the Dunkin Donuts, they get crab cakes, eat here, eat there, and then they make sure to snap a photo of the hubby (warning--political!).

Now these are the kinds of tourists we really need in Annapolis--they obviously have some bucks, they stay in a hotel, eat out and....don't even come by car so they don't need a parking space...and then they leave. ...assuming their plane got off the ground with all the excess gastronomic baggage.

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