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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clay Street Activist Upset with Annapolis Times for Public Dumping of Copies

A Clay Street activist and blogger has accused The Annapolis Times, a free publication about issues mainly of concern to Black residents, of repeatedly dumping their excess newspapers on public areas (I am not clear exactly where--it appeared to be a parking lot in front of a residence). CP received the following note from"We would like to express our unhappiness with the lack of respect that this organization has shown our neighborhood once the video evidence at Horrible."

The video speaks for itself. CP tried to learn more about The Annapolis Times but its web site was apparently empty or its server was down. Try it for yourself at: annapolistimes

It is unusual, to say the least, that the paper would be dumping what appears to be thousands of excess copies in a public area, and it is equally odd that its website is...blank. Apparently its managers must think of their publication--and community, as trash if they leave them out as trash. I personally have always thought of the newspaper as "thin gruel" with little substance after having repeatedly read it, each time hoping there would be something of interest. I stopped even picking it up. Let's hope we can figure this dumping thing out and keep it from happening again. CP invites The Annapolis Times to respond.

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John said...

Annapolis Times??? I have never heard of it. Makes sense if they are "distributing" like that.

ellis said...

Thanks so much for promoting this story. We are SICK of this publisher dropping their trash in our parking lot!! We've tried to be nice about it with them.

The gloves are OFF!

Paul Foer said...'ll never hear stories about extra copies of this blog being dumped on your street! All the trashy stuff I ever publish just gets dumped right on your computer screen...

ellis said...

The trash is gone.
Only took 48 hours.
The entire pallet and all the paper that was all over the parking lot have been removed.
The "powers that be" at Annapolis Times were extremely rude to some of the people that called them today.
It was as if we spoiled their Columbus Day.
How dare we make them into better people!

Paul Foer said...

Thanks Ellis: I picked up a copy at the sailboat show--just to give them another chance. The paper seems to be nearly 100% based in and about Baltimore with some slight change to content, namely press releases, calendar items etc. for the Annapolis version. The copy I got was part of a bad print run with a lot of text blacked out. However, some of the columns, despite being too long, were hard-hitting, and well written from a strong, left perspective.

It had a lot of advertising-such as a color insert for Target and a full page color ad for Home Depot and for the MD Lottery($$$)!! Now try this one on considering your recent experience--there is an ad soliciting applicants for the "Good Neighbor Awards"...and it's sponsored by...a funeral home!

Perhaps this might open an opportunity for Clay St activists to somehow build a bridge to the paper. It obviously needs to strengthen its virtually unknown presence in Annapolis if it wants to maintain any relevance.

ellis said...

The general opinion of the dozens of people I've spoken to in my neighborhood about the newspaper is... and I quote... "No one down here gives a F--K about that stupid newspaper and no one reads it."

So... I guess that settles that!

Paul Foer said...

Okay. I hope they say nicer things about the two best blogs in the city.

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