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Monday, October 13, 2008

Maryland--Not Very Bicycle Friendly

According to the League of American Bicyclists, Maryland ranks 35th among the states for being "bicycle friendly". This puts this wealthy and densely populated state on the border of the lowest 30th percentile. The League says that Maryland has a

* Signed and mapped route network

* A discriminatory mandatory bike lane law

* No cell phone use restrictions.

No Maryland city has been designated as a bicycle friendly community but if the Comprehensive Plan is ever completed, we will have text calling for Annapolis to become a bronze designated community by 2011. See here:

The League's Bicycle Friendly America family of programs recognize states, communities and businesses for their efforts to promote bicycling and provide roadmaps to improve.

Current Bicycle Friendly Community Master List (PDF)

Current Bicycle Friendly Business Master List (PDF)

(The photo image from

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Anonymous said...

Not only is is dangerous to ride, there's nowhere to 'park'. Safe and secure bike racks? None to be found except at Quiet Waters and the city dock. You can ride to the mall - but you'll have to chain your bike to a sign in the parking garage. Ditto the grocery store. The expectation seems to be that we will ride for exercise, not transportation.

Paul Foer said...

Sad but true, but many of s are working to change this and you an join in too. However there are more bike racks around Annapolis than you may know about, but the ones at the markethouse, for example, need to be replaced. Yes-there is a difference between biking just for fun and doing it as transportation, Unfortunately the Annapolis Bike Club is almost totally fixated on weekend rids instead of activism.

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