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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pussers Comitatus and The Road to Roux-in

Ahh, I do so relish the opportunities presented to me to wax poetic and make wordplay with our rich language. Early this lovely Sunday morning, CP's teenage son blasted up the volume of the radio and excitedly told the household that Annapolis was being featured on the radio. Boat Show? Chesapeake Bay pollution? Another Mideast peace conference? Another lawsuit regarding a city-owned building? No, it was National Public Radio doing a piece on where John McCain likes to dine while in town--none other than Pussers Restaurant. This silly human interest story quickly digressed into an even sillier cooking piece and a profile of the chef and his award-winning Haitian Creole--thus the "roux".

And then correspondent Daniel Zwerdling, after again asking the chef if he cooks differently when he hears the Arizona senator is dining in his restaurant, he again answers "No" explaining that he always cooks as if he will be consuming his creations. Okay, Zwerdling, you asked once. You asked again. How did you expect he is going to answer?

"Uh, well, I know he's old and was in a POW camp, so I try to go easy on the spices, overcook everything, make sure it's rancid and that roaches come crawling out....I was trained at the Hanoi Hilton..." ohhhhh nevermind. But then he could not resist at the end to ask him if he would be voting for McCain and the chef replied, "Maybe." Yeah--and maybe he wants to be White House chef. Why should he even ask that question? And why should the chef answer it? What would you answer if you were the chef? Hmmm....CP might answer, "I'm still stirring that one around" or "A good chef never reveals his secrets" or "As a Maryland resident, it's pretty clear which way our state is going" or "Why don't you ask me if I prefer boys or girls or whether I worship Allah or Jesus?". Some things are best left unasked--even to a reporter. Geeze....it's none of your business or our business Mr. Zwerdling. You may as well have asked him if the food is good in his restaurant.

And then, but a few minutes later, Annapolis was again mentioned, this time for having our Main Street designated as one of the great streets in America. CP posted about that here: Main Street

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