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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rep. Gilchrest and State Delegate Weldon Abandon GOP

Wayne Gilchrest has some pretty strong words in today's Washington Post about politics and party...and about us. The lame duck nine-term congressman was wounded while a Marine in Vietnam and came to Washington after a career as a high school teacher and a house painter. He was perhaps the most down-to-earth and seemingly unlikely man in Congress but he was often a moderating and thoughtful voice, and he parted ways with the GOP many times.

In this profile on him by the Washington Post's Marc Fisher you'll find some pretty harsh words:

"We're in this bad place as a country because of the evangelicals, the neocons, the nasty, bitter and mean . . . very clever ideological groups that use money, technology, fear and bigotry to lead people around," he says. "Voting according to your knowledge and experience -- that's out the window. Competence and prudence? Forget it." That sounds like he is referring to the Hyperconservative bloggers! But there is more...See Gilchrest

You can imagine how those same hyperconservative bloggers have latched on this one. You can find them online if you dare. But they also have harsh condemnation for Md Delegate Rick Weldon (R-Frederick) who has just left the MD GOP and become unaffiliated. See this from a respectable and thoughtful blog- PolitickerMaryland at rick-weldon.

Are the words and actions of these two men merely isolated incidents or are they indicative of a larger trend? I think we're in store for a lot of reporting on November 5th about the decline and fall of the Republican Party. We can only hope. It's been written about before concerning Democrats. The pendulum has swung back. History is about to repeat itself. Let's hope the Dems don't blow it, because so far, I'm not terribly impressed.

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