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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Should We Laugh or Cry?

News reports from all over the world describe how a radical Muslim cleric in Pakistan has issued a "fatwa" against the Pakistani President as a result of his recent meeting with Sarah Palin in New York. I'm not going to repeat the news as you can easily find it all over the web, and I'll refrain from making jokes about it..even though it pains me. The multitude of ironies of the whole thing are mind boggling. Pakistan, with all its deep-seated troubles and turmoil, its problems with radical Muslim extremists and terrorists, its potentially nuclear conflict with neighbors, its modern birth in religious strife, somehow manages to even further divide itself over this boorish, former beauty queen who is also an extremist adherent of another yet equally apocalyptic faith. God save us!

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Anonymous said...


You show the weakness of your arguments, and your lack of mature commentary when you do nothing but attack Sara Palin personally. Any thinking reader knows that her beauty queen past has absolutely nothing to do with the current election.

It's also interesting that you ask for God's help in this matter, given your many rants about religion in politics.

Bob McWilliams

Paul Foer said...

I do appreciate and respect you for signing your name and not just complaining anonymously.

Please tell us which parts of Palins's past you think do have relevance to the current election. Would it be her total lack of understanding of world events? Would it be her uninformed, insular outlook on life? Would it be her extremist religious beliefs and practices? Would it be her questionable activities as mayor of a teeny, weeny town and as governor in a state not much larger than most congressional districts? Or what?

But please don't blame me (or the "liberal" media) if we don't have much to go on about her. That's the way her handlers want it to be. Now if that does not concern you, I don't know what will. We work with what we're given--and even then, the "liberal" media gets attacked.

As for my asking for God's help, he heard my pleas and we talked this morning (thank God for that--it is Rosh Ha Shanah). He told me that I am doing his work and that mine enemies and naysayers shall be smote...or was it smitten? In any event, he told me to continue carrying on his earthly work and to ignore those who use his name in vain to promote their Satanic agendas (He did not go so far as to say "Republican" but he hinted that his hand is visible in the latest polling). He also told me that Bob McWilliams gets 57 minutes and 13 seconds in purgatory for suggesting I am immature. Perhaps you should have a talk with him (or might be surprised).

By the way, I thought you gave up on reading CP a long time ago after saying something about "watching a train wreck." You never responded to my two or three invitations to write a regular column. Why did God give you 57 minutes and 13 seconds in purgatory? It's because you spent 57 minutes and 13 seconds reading CP today while viewing 6 pages. I guess it shows the real estate business has gone from bad to worse. Must be because of too much government regulation I suppose. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Sometimes I just can't resist responding.

I believe Alaska has about the same number of people as Delaware, where one of two Senators is also running for VP.

My criticism is that you don't debate the issues with regard to Palin. You just attack her personally. Your poll is clear evidence of that.

I'm glad you have this direct line with God, but I think you may be a little confused about what he's telling you.

Palin thinks that how you believe in God (or don't) is a private affair, and her beliefs are just that hers - it's not for you to decide or make judgements about.

As for real estate, it's doing just fine. It would be doing better had Dodd and Frank not blocked an attempt to keep Freddie and Fannie from making loans based on social engineering, rather than economic qualifications.

Nevertheless, I'm sure Mr. Raines has a pretty nice house, with the $90,000,000 he took from Fannie May.

That's a criticism of Dodd, Frank and Raines. But, as you can see, it's based on the issues. Unlike your criticisms, I didn't say anything about their religion, or if they were a beauty queen, or any other such stuff that is irrelevant.

Bob McWilliams

Paul Foer said...

Yes Bob, you are always rational, reasonable and correct for you base all your words upon real facts.You are absolutely correct about my personal attacks on and poll about Palin. It's not scientific and it has little or no validity except for me to further my point. How did you ever figure that out? Was it because all the questions were loaded? Duhh! But why worry about my little poll? See what all the other national polls are saying about her.

As for comparing Biden with Palin??? He's been vetted nationally for decades. We just learned about this former beauty queen. Let's see the debate!

How can I possibly be confused about what God is telling me? It's only the blasphemers and infidels that lie and are confused because they are really listening to Satan. To Satan I say. Amen! Verily...verily...God just told me that you are getting even more time in purgatory for that last comment. However, God has commanded me to tell you to start your own blog. He will deduct your time in purgatory if you do so. Who knows--I might even write to you.

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