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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tax and Spend 60's Liberal Mayor Moyer Suggests Charter Amendment is a 60's Style Proposal

In unleashing her latest salvo against the charter amendment considering a city manager form of government, our legislative and executive head of government now invites citizens to talk about this. She again calls her get-togethers "Let's Talk." I say to her, less talk--more action.

She is not happy about the legislative effort, spearheaded by Aldermen Dick Israel and Ross Arnett, both Democrats who recently merged their two different proposals. Although the issue has been talked about for many years, it is no wonder that it has come to the fore with a serious legislative effort because of her own incompetence and mismanagement which has underscored the need for professional management and a change in the style of government.

In a letter to local community associations, she writes:

“Changing the form of government deserves thoughtful and thorough public dialog,” said the Mayor. “I am asking that we engage in Let’s Talk again to discuss this proposed change. The City has trained facilitators, with no agenda on this issue, to help lead discussions.”

Would this thoughtful discussion be like her other thoughtful discussions--in particular the official news release she sent out attacking Alderman Israel when he proposed his bill? Will this be thoughtful like the time she called Eastport residents "rhetorical bomb-throwers" when we showed up in force to protest her lack of response and resolve to combat escalating crime? Poor Ellen--she does not even see how this growing urge to create a city manager form of government is not necessarily about her--but she makes it about her every time she over-reacts to it.

Who are these "trained facilitators, with no agenda"? Why does she need help leading her own discussions? Why is it so important to do it for this issue but not for crime, budget and finance, the Market House? Is it because she really takes this one personally? Does she see it as a referendum about her performance as mayor?

As further evidence of her thin-skinned reactionary approach, consider this:

"For your information I have included some of my own thoughts on this issue relative to some points raised by the advocates for City Manager, a style of government actively promoted in the 1960's.

The most pertinent considerations, however, are not the issue of professionalism, which is basically “code” for disagreement on Council policy issues, but the questions on changing roles relative to citizen expectations suggested above."

What does she mean by saying this was "actively promoted in the 1960's"? Is she using that somehow to call it into question? After all, she is the quintessential 1960's style tax and spend, social program liberal. Of course she ignores the fact so many cities, including those whose mayors she meets at all the conferences she runs off to, serve in city manager style governments. Her sentence about "code" further speaks volumes about her thin-skinned and irrational approach to governing, once again....underscoring the need for change.

Can you say paranoia?

She is promoting this in two different places on the city website, one of which says,
"The entire text of the Mayor’s letter to the Community Associations is available on the City’s website." Why use a web-site to say something is on the same web-site and then provide no link or address? Why not include it? I could not find it. Another example of professional management in action?

The first dialog is set for noon, Friday, October 24th, and every Friday thereafter, excluding holidays, through December. Please contact Ray Weaver, City Public Information Office, by email at or the Mayor’s Office at 410.263.7997 to RSVP or set up a dialog in your community.

That's a lot of meetings. One would assume she has other things to do...such as defend us against all those lawsuits. One assumes they are being held in City Hall, but the release does not say. Too bad CP will be out of town that day...but don't worry....I'll come to the one on Halloween, dressed as the ghost of the city manager to come. Booh!

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Anonymous said...

ask the tax and spender how many taxdollars she used galavanting to sister cities and tourist traps this year when everyone else has to cut back. She stayed in a $400 a night suite in santa fe. the ramada wasn't queenly enough. city workers who know are sickened by her but scared to say anything.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous
If you know so much, why don't you ask her yourself instead of sending in an anonymous comment with no way for me to communicate with you or to substantiate your claim? I have published what you wrote, but I cannot vouch for it or substantiate it. If you want to expose this, put an end to it or otherwise broadcast this, I need your help. I will protect your anonymity but you have to play be the rules too.

John said...

Noon on Fridays...sounds like a showdown. But is it a stretch to say that most of the fine citizens of Annapolis work for a living?

Or did I miss the memo saying that I now have Fridays off and can attend the M3 (Mayor Moyer Meeting) ???

Paul Foer said...

M3 I like that..unlike 3M, this does not sticks it to us

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