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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Palin Kleptocracy: Wasilla Hillbillies on Steroids

I could care less if the hyperconservatives continue to call my commentary about Palin "hate speech." but she personifies so much that is so wrong with our politics. If it were not bad enough that she was vastly under-qualified to hold any office, if it were not bad enough that she is so undistinguished in so many respects, she and her phony Republican BS tried to pull her off as some kind of regular person thing. The news will continue to come out about her, all the more to make us wary of her, wonder why she was chosen and thankful that she was ultimately rejected. Take this LA Times article as a starting point that explores the tension between her staff and that of McCain and her clothing bills and get this--"...Palin had resisted coaching before her faltering Katie Couric interviews; did not understand that Africa was a continent rather than a country; and could not name the three nations that are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement -- the United States, Canada and Mexico." See: Palinoscopy

That's right--did not understand that Africa is a continent! No wonder why so many Americans thought she was just like them!

And this from The New York Daily News which includes this tidbit: "One aide characterized the shopping spree as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast." See: sarahpalinectomy

The Houston Chronicle's piece,
it gets worse even goes into the fake phone call she received from a French Presidential impostor, which CP wrote about here at Governor Palin, Please Hold for President Sarkozy. It turns out that Palin's office had the call scheduled for three days!!!!!..and were still faked out...And never told McCain's people about it.

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