"There is no God"....oohhhh....Right Wing Republicans At it Again ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"There is no God"....oohhhh....Right Wing Republicans At it Again

About to-be-unseated North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole has run what would be the most laughable television ad in history ...if it were not so despicable and egregiously disgusting...not to mention misleading, inaccurate, false etc. Hey-we know politicians get mean and nasty and say ridiculous things with their ads and sometimes, ooh, distort the truth etc., etc....but to misleadingly attack her opponent by labeling her as "Godless" is below the belt, beyond the pale, out of bounds etc., etc...but it does show how low the desperate republicans are willing to stoop to grab on to, scare, recapture their far-right wing element. Hey--most of us don't even care if someone is religious or not, or what brand they have bought into, as long as they keep it out of secular, political life. If only Republicans had woken up and understood that its the "God, guns and gays" issue Republicans that have doomed their party. That's why McCain (or somebody) chose Palin...and why Plain has likely cemented their huge upcoming losses. Dole's thing is worse than what that Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota did recently. See Dole's ad here with commentary from The Young Turks:

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