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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Recreating The Most Important Thing Ever to Happen in Annapolis.....Where Was Ellen?

The most important thing ever to happen in Annapolis was not the Whitbread/Volvo Race or even the so-called Mid-East Peace Summit. It was when George Washington resigned his commission as commander in chief on this day in 1783. I just went to the re-enactment in the old senate chambers, but unfortunately, was disappointed. I have always thought the story of the resignation of this giant among men was a momentous and profound occasion but the guy who played the general was not even tall! Washington was tall but this dude was of average height and of average acting abilities, and that's putting it politely--he even messed up reading part of the speech.

According to former Governor McKeldin who wrote a book about the event called "Washington Bowed", the resignation was a planned, formal affair done specifically to show how the triumphant general literally and figuratively bowed to the Continental Congress, at least the nine of the thirteen colonies represented. He, representing military power, formally showed his subservience to the people, their representatives and to representative government.

Worst of all, at today's event, "George" made his own editorial comments after he read the historic speech, mainly talking about how the US Constitution was a gift from God and talking about Jesus Christ and some such I don't know what! I told "George" that I thought his comments at the end were inappropriate. Who put this on? Who hired this guy? Who let him say whatever the heck he wanted to say in MY senate chambers?

While I spied former Mayor Dick Hillman at the event which underscored the checks and balances between the executive branch and the legislative branch, the only sign of chief executive and chief legislator Mayor Ellen O. Moyer was in her SUV in Eastport, heading in the opposite direction.......

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