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Thursday, December 25, 2008

City Attorney Kling Has Been Re-Certified

According to news reports, disgraced Acting City Attorney Stephen Kling has been re-certified after having lost his certification to practice law over two years.  Kling claims it was an oversight and that he was unaware of having been de-certified. Capital Punishment broke this story a week ago thanks to an anonymous tipster. Something tells me this is not the last we are ever going to hear of this.

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Anonymous said...

But in the mind of "M" Squared all is well in Naptown? Just another misstep in the administration that IS Ellen!

Paul Foer said...

Yes--and in her typical fashion she got angry and lashed out against her colleagues on the council and the news media. She could have asked Kling to resign but he did not get the job based on competency or experience--he got it because he is a friend and has donated to her fundraisers.

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