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Monday, August 31, 2009

Police Called to Home of Mayoral Candidate Wayne Taylor For Domestic Dispute

Democratic candidate Wayne Taylor was involved in a domestic dispute on Saturday night which resulted in a police response, clothes being thrown out in the front yard and a gun being confiscated. Taylor, a former alderman and appointee in the Leopold Administration confirmed the event immediately after being contacted by CP on Monday morning.

Taylor, who is married and has children at Annapolis High School lives at 1912-E Copeland Street in Bywater. (If you can enlarge the photo, you can see the address above the mailbox.

Annapolis Police Department would neither confirm nor deny the address or identity of the parties, however Taylor said there was a police report. This is the only information APD would provide:

"The Annapolis Police Department does not release the names of individuals who may be victims of domestic violence.  Annapolis police officers did respond to an address on Copeland St for a domestic dispute. The male victim had a minor scratch on his face while the female had no visible injuries. Neither party wanted to pursue criminal charges but were provided information on how to proceed with a criminal case should either choose to do so.  A weapon was voluntarily removed from the home and secured in the APD Property Room".

To Taylor's credit, he immediately returned a call and spoke with CP. He said that "In domestic disputes, things occur, things happen. Undoubtedly there is an aggressor and a victim and what you'll find in the [police] report is that I was protecting myself."

The candidate whose campaign theme is "One Annapolis" added, "Domestic violence seems to be on the rise in America today." He was quickly able to provide the following information, which CP cannot confirm. " Two out of ten males actually step up and report in such situations when they are the victims. Men do not step up. They should report this. Women should step up. Nobody should disavow this."

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